Almost anyone who has dyed their hair knows one thing—when you have a new hair color, your makeup just starts to look “off” somehow. Even if you can’t quite figure out why or you don’t notice it on a conscious level, it just nags at you. That’s because different makeup palettes, specifically eyeshadows, look best with certain hair colors. Below is your guide for matching eyeshadow and hair colors.

Brunette & Black

Dark shades are fairly easy to work with. You’ll want to think in complementary shades. Match your hair color by giving your face deep hues, otherwise skin may look pale and washed out.

For eyeshadow colors, opt for deep rose hues and pinkish browns. You can also get away with the deep, bluish reds, which will give your appearance plenty of color and look ravishing next to dark hair. Eyeshadows should be on the dark side, and dark browns and coppers look great with brunette hair. You can go with black mascara and darker eyeliner, like a dark brown or black.


With blonde, you’ll also want think in complementary tones. Just as your hair is bright and light, your makeup should match. Opt for light pastel eyeshadows that will work with your light hair color. Darker shades like plum and wine will end up clashing with your lighter appearance.

Eye shadow should be pale and neutral, like pink or tan shades. Eyeliner and mascara should be dark brown instead of the more traditional black.


Again, you guessed it. Match your hair to your makeup; you’ll want the warm shades in your hair reflected in your makeup.

For lips, you have several options, since most lipstick shades are on the warmer side. You can work with red, peach, warm reddish brown spice shades or brownish pink. Blush can be brown, pinkish brown or even apricot.

Eyeshadow should be on the more neutral side to not clash with the lipstick and blush shades. Or you can go with a deep green to act as a small balancing accent to all of those warm tones. Eyeliner and mascara should be reddish or light brown.

Statement Hair

Rocking the rainbow hues in your hair? With this look you have a lot of playroom for matching eyeshadow and hair color. It’s meant to be a statement look, so let your imagination run wild. For general ideas on where to get started, however, a pastel or metallic eye shadow that matches the hues in your hair looks stunning. For instance, bright purple hair and a very light pastel purple eye shadow complement each other nicely.

Your lips can either complement your hairstyle or contrast completely. It’s up to you. For a punk look, opt for dark lipstick with bright hair. Otherwise, match your hair color with your lipstick shade if you’re looking to really accent that hair color. Go with a more neutral, subtle lipstick if you’re trying to draw the attention to just your hair.

Your blush should be on the muted pink, subtle side to avoid officially overdoing color. Mascara and eye shadow can be dark to contrast the hair and make your eyes pop, since this is a statement look.

Natural grey or “granny hair” types should opt for adding color back into their appearance. Think bright shades of blush and lipstick shades like red or pink. To avoid a clown look, then balance your eye makeup by choosing grey and white eye shadows and grey eyeliner. Matching your eyes to your hair will balance out your whole look.

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