One of the hottest ways to wear a manicure is with metallic tip nails. This look is just a stripe of metallic nail polish right around where the nail would naturally turn white under the polish. It’s a highly versatile look that pairs great with high shimmer bases, matte bases and everything in between. Below are several ways to wear this eye-grabbing trend.

Metallic Strip

One extra creative look with metallic nails is to have a natural, glossy manicure with the whites of the nails showing. On the line between the whites and the rest of the nail, there’s a thin stripe of gold or silver.

Gold Tips

A classy look for a gold tip is to pair it with a natural tan nude shade. It draws the eye to the metallic tips.

Silver Tips

This is a similar look as the style above, but it uses silver metallic tip nails. It’s a good alternative if you prefer silver jewelry, as the two would match well.

Silver Metallic Designs

A great idea for a cohesive look is silver designs within a solid nail color. Choose contrasting colors with a bold black or a nude nail for a more subtle look.

Gold Metallic Designs

Another way to wear gold metallic nails is to combine them with a fun design and glossy finish.

Rose Gold Metallic Tips

Another idea is to combine rose gold with a neutral base, designs, and metallic tips. In this case, rose gold and pink work surprisingly well together. They complement each other’s warmth.

Doubled-Ended Metallic Tip Nails

Another idea is to have a thin gold or silver tip outline around the entire nail. This pairs well with a matte base to make the metallic tip nails pop.

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