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When in need of fashion inspiration, we open the style bible (a.k.a. Pinterest) to guide us. This week’s thorough examination of the pages and pages of inspiration lead us to conclude that midi skirts are IT right now. What are midi skirts? They’re skirts that fall just below your knee, but not all the way to your ankles. Midi skirts can be tight, flowy or in between, giving you endless looks to create. Sexy, sweet, casual; whatever you’re feeling, there is a midi skirt for you. Here are our favorite ways to wear midi skirts.


edgy midi
Image: Pinterest

Turn a girly skirt into an edgy outfit with some pleather and a graphic tee. Bring out your inner tom boy by mixing edgy pieces with feminine pieces.


flowy midi
Image: Pinterest

Flowy midi skirts can go with just about anything. Pairing them with a thin sweater, tank, t-shirt, nice blouse or even a crop top would all look amazing. The possibilities are endless with a little flow.


tight midi
Image: Pinterest

Turn up the heat by wearing a more fitted midi skirt. Boxy crop tops often balance out this look really well, but tucking in a loose tank or t-shirt would also slay.


textured midi
Image: Pinterest

Adding some texture (like this lace one above) can play up your whole outfit, and even transition the piece into fall. Putting two different textures together can be something cool and different, but also pairing smooth and textured together adds some contrast. You can’t go wrong!

Add a belt

add a belt to a midi
Image: Pinterest

Adding a simple (or ornate) belt can split up the length of the outfit and accentuate your waist in a flattering way. Who doesn’t want a smaller looking waist and more accessories?