Makeup Pearls
Image: Amazon

If you’ve been around makeup stores, either online or in physical locations, chances are you’ve seen those fun e.l.f. Mineral Pearls that look like candy. They’re either in neutral colors or in fun rainbow hues. The pearls all blend together to create an effect that helps skin look more even and radiant.

e.l.f. Mineral Pearls have vitamins A, C, B and E to nourish skin, and they even hydrate skin with ingredients like mineral oil. But you may be wondering how to use them to get the most out of them.

How To Use These Round Wonders

The ease of these is that, first, they’re designed to go with any skin tone. So you don’t have to worry about that. e.l.f. pearls come in a neutral pack to increase radiance and a multi-colored pack that generally balances and evens skin tone. Reviewers state neither look cakey or chalky, and the product gives a bright finish without looking glittery.

Both varieties contain six pearl shades that combine into one even tone. The neutral shades end with a pearly bronze-like shade, and the skin-balancing shade gives off a pearly white-bluish hue when applied to the inside of the arm.

These are easy to use, as they just require a large powder brush to apply. You swirl the brush in the beads, some powder releases onto the brush and you brush the powder onto your face like any other powder. According to the e.l.f website, you sweep the brush over your face using broad strokes.

Just be careful to swirl in a gentle motion. Some online reviewers have stated the pearls can get caught in the brush bristles and get flung out of the pot.

You can wear this product alone for some slight balancing or a subtle glow. The powder also can go over makeup for an added brightening look.

Some Added Creative Uses

These products are generally intended to be used all over the face. However, the neutral variety could be used as a subtle bronzer. You’d just need to apply a little to the top of the forehead, the cheekbones and the jawline.

Likewise, you could use the skin-balancing variety as a subtle highlighter. It would look good spread over the cheekbones for an added shine in just that area. You could also use it on the usual places for a highlighter, like the middle of the forehead and the Cupid’s bow above the lip.