mink eyelash extension
Image: Pexels

Mink eyelash extensions can make your natural lashes look more full, thick, and long. Most women, especially those who are in the workforce, find it a hassle to apply fake lashes every day. If you happen to be in this scenario or you have a desire for fuller and heavier lashes, a mink eyelash extension can be the best option. Experiment by trying on these extensions once and you will find them to be an amazing work of art! Eyelash extensions can be done with human hair, silk, synthetic hair, or mink.

A mink eyelash extension is usually in the price range of $300 to $500 per set. Its application may take around 1.5 to 2 hours. It may seem a little costly but the lightness in weight and the feathery look is worth it. The word “mink “lets us know that these eyelashes come from the mink’s tail; mostly Chinese or Siberian Mink. They are suitable for those of you who want to go for the most natural looking lashes. Having one is greater in the logic that it gives your eyes a very fuzzy and fluffy kind of look. The reasoning that mink lash extensions are preferred by many is due to its natural appeal which you will not get from synthetic or silk hair because no one can even judge that they are not real.

Choice of Mink Eyelash Extensions – You have three factors to consider for getting the perfect extensions:

  • How many do you want? – They can range from 80 to 120.
  • Which length? – Length can range from 8mm to 14mm.
  • What kind of curl would you like? – The J-Curl, B-Curl, the C or CC-Curl, D-Curl, L-Curl, or L-Lift curl?

No More Everyday Makeup! – The longer the mink eyelash extension you choose, the more lashes are required. The more lashes that are applied, the less need for everyday eye makeup! If you go for thicker lashes, the base normally acts as an eyeliner and the thickness of the lashes compensates for the need of mascara too. Consequently, the necessary need to apply eye makeup every day can be avoided. However, if you do wish to apply mascara, you must only apply it on the tips with a very light hand. Avoid the base so that your eye will not appear caked up.

Maintenance – The only requirement needed is to keep perming the mink eyelash extension regularly to maintain their curls because these lashes do not come curled. It is better to do it with a heated curler because in that way, the natural lashes will lift up, which will make the eyes appear larger. These extensions do not require high maintenance.

Duration and Replacement – Mink extensions can last up to 5 or 6 weeks. Instead of replacing the whole set of mink extensions in the next session, you can get a filling session after 3 or 4 weeks depending on your preferences. It would even cost less than the set. Normally 2 or 3 lashes shed per day, just like our natural lashes do.

So, how many of you are giving mink eyelash extension a thought?