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Image: Aleshyn_Andrei/Shutterstock

Instead of just making Monday easier, why not make the year easier overall? I made lots of resolutions, from fitness goals to career goals, but these beauty resolutions will change the I (and hopefully you too) think about beauty—making my life easier, saving me time, and helping me feel more confident. Are you down to try these beauty resolutions with me? Here they are.

1. Go makeup free once a week

As much as I adore my makeup collection, I admit, I go makeup free 2-3 days a week. I noticed that the more days I skipped makeup altogether, the softer my skin become, the fewer blemishes I saw, and I found myself loving my face! Let your skin breathe and aim to go makeup free even just once a week. It’s a great way to get back in touch with who you are, and going makeup free will make you more confident. I’ve gone makeup free to work, to parties, to coffee shops, and on dates. It may sound absurd, but it gives you a boost of confidence to just feel comfortable sans makeup in public. Try it and see!

2. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize—everywhere!

Make your life easier by moisturizing your body once a day, and always apply some form of moisturizer to your face in the morning, before applying makeup, and before bed. Moisturize your hands and lips throughout the day. By making a habit of moisturizing instead of just applying it when your skin is dry, you’ll have a better surface for applying makeup, smoother skin all the time, and you’ll have less blemishes.

3. Air dry your hair

Yes, we know, it doesn’t always look as good as when you style it. But avoiding heat tools on your hair will keep it smooth and shiny, and your hair will have less breakage and grow faster and longer. I’ve found the best results from applying Art Naturals Thermal Hair Protector with 100% Argan Oil to my wet hair, then air drying completely before stepping outside. This is important because it prevents humidity or wind from changing the texture of your hair. The thermal hair protector will protect hair from breakage and split ends and smooth out the ends of the hair.

4. Declutter your beauty products

Do you have products that you keep because you “might” need them for some occasion or in the ambiguous future? Get rid of them! When I transitioned to fragrance-free products, I got rid of my beloved Bobbi Brown lipsticks, and it was tough. But now I don’t even miss them. Define your essentials and get rid of the products you “might” use and the products you never use. By having less in your drawers and a cleaner countertop, you’ll make it easier for yourself to get going in the morning and get ready faster. It’s the same principle as decluttering your closet and own less clothes makes it easier to pick out what to wear in the morning.

5. Eat more plants

We’re not asking anyone to go vegan for better skin, but we have seen the benefits. You don’t have to make a drastic change to your diet to see results though. Simply adding more plants to each meal will boost your skin’s natural glow, keep blemishes away, and help you look younger and healthier. Try making half of your plate for every meal full of fruits or vegetables.