Monday cry

Monday Motivation: De-Puff Your Eyes

Everyone gets a free pass to cry about whatever they want on a Monday. Perhaps your coffee spilled when crossing an unnecessary speed bump, or maybe it’s simply that your computer won’t load fast enough. We get it. Go ahead, it’s okay to cry. It’s Monday. Here at Daily Beauty Hack we do love all things beauty-related, so with a good cry comes a good beauty hack to get rid of puffy eyes instantly. The only way we’ll be crying on a Monday is if we can keep from ruining our whole look for the rest of the day. So whether it’s a Monday that makes you cry or something more serious, this beauty hack is a good thing to keep in your back pocket for future incidents.

The only way this beauty hack to de-puff your eyes will work is if you have a paper towel on hand as well as access to ice cubes. To de-puff your eyes, wrap a paper towel  (or something similar) around an ice cube. Hold the ice cube under your eyes for a minute or two. Hold the ice cube longer if your puffy eyes are being stubborn (this is likely if it’s a Monday).

That’s all there is to it! De-puff your eyes by simply applying cool pressure. Besides, after a good cry the coolness of the ice cube will feel refreshing since our bodies warm up when our emotions get heated.

We certainly hope you don’t need this hack today, but we know every girl has her moments.