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Monday Motivation: DIY Highlighter For An Energized Look

Mondays are for tired eyes, minimal makeup, and the least amount of effort in front of the mirror. Weekends have a way of messing up your routine, from changing your sleep pattern to perhaps drinking and eating more than you do during the week. No matter what kind of weekend you had, the last thing you want to do is wear your weekend on your face Monday morning. It only takes a few extra, easy steps to pull yourself together for a flawless look on Monday. Here are a few pointers:

  1. Use a moisturizing primer to replenish your skin throughout the day, under your makeup.
  2. Apply concealer in an inverted triangle under your eyes. Not only will this cover up dark circles, but it will also add a strobing effect to your makeup.
  3. Try our DIY highlighter for an energized look that will pull your makeup together and give you a natural, happy appearance!

Here’s how to make our DIY highlighter.


  • Eye cream or face lotion
  • Shimmery eye shadow (stick to creams, neutrals, or white)


  1. Put a dime-sized amount of eye cream or face lotion on the palm of your hand.
  2. Crush up the eyeshadow and sprinkle it on your palm with the lotion. Use about twice as much eye shadow as lotion.
  3. Use a small brush or cotton swab to mix everything together.
  4. Apply on top of your cheekbones, dabbing your finger upwards toward the outer corners of your eyes.

This DIY highlighter combined with a moisturizing primer and the proper application of concealer will give you a natural glow that would never normally appear on a Monday morning. Now there are plenty of reasons to be happy today!