winged eyeliner hack quote

Running late is no foreign feeling, especially on a Monday. The last thing we attempt to do in the morning when we have very little time is draw winged eyeliner. But what if there was a trick that made applying eyeliner in general, let alone winged eyeliner, much easier? This fool-proof winged eyeliner hack will make your eyeliner appear more evenly and it will have you drawing winged tips on the regular with confidence. No more hesitation, ladies. Cat eyes aren’t just for weekend occasions.

The only two things you’ll need for perfect wings are your favorite eyeliner and a credit card. The credit card will help keep your eyeliner even and in place. Hold it stable against your face for best results. You don’t have to use liquid liner, but it will definitely give you a bolder, thicker line that will improve the overall look of your eye makeup.

To begin, hold the credit card at an angle, preferably at about forty-five degrees, along the side of your eye. Decide how far out you want your wing to reach and pay attention to wear it is along the card. This way you can make the other eye perfectly matched. Start here and draw your line into the corner of your eye. Continue the line along your eyelid as you normally would. Remove the card and see if there are any edges you need to sharpen. Repeat this process on the other side.

Now you have no excuse for not having winged eyeliner by the time next Monday morning rolls around!