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Monday Motivation: Fake Falsies With Baby Powder

There’s no better way to amp up your mood on a Monday morning than to rock effortless long lashes. And we’re not talking about adding an extra swipe of lengthening mascara. We’re talking about actually looking like you have false lashes on. But since no one has the time or energy to apply actual fake lashes on a Monday, of all days, we’ve found a clever little hack to fake falsies!

Let’s get to it. The first step to fake falsies is to apply a base coat of mascara to your lashes. Let your lashes sit for just a moment. Next, grab a Q-tip and sprinkle some baby powder on it. You can also dip the Q-tip into a bottle of baby powder for less of a mess. Gently run the Q-tip across your lashes so that it sticks to the mascara you just applied. Grab your mascara again and apply a second coat. Now the mascara will cling to the baby powder and carry it beyond the actual length of your real lashes. There you have it—look at those fake falsies!

With your super-easy-to-do fake falsies you can now brave Monday with greater confidence. No more looking in the mirror today without a smile. Mondays are tough enough, which is all the more reason to rely on beauty hacks. We’re here to make beauty simpler, because that’s the way it should be.

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