Our hair is a very important aspect of our general appearance, thus, it’s not unusual for individuals to spend considerable amount of time and money in order to ensure that their hair is well taken care of. Most times, the desired end result is to achieve the kind of perfection that can be spotted on the cover of Elle magazine, other times, it’s simply to look decent enough to get past the day. Whichever the intention, this hack guarantees you longer lasting beach waves, and in a shorter amount of time too.

Leaving braids in for a long period of time is one known way of getting beach waves but not everyone can wait for extended periods to get their hair done, which is what that routine requires. Flat ironed braids, however, speed up the process. All you need to do is braid the hair into 6-8 sections depending on the size of the waves you want (the more the sections, the smaller and tighter your braids would be). Flat iron the braids like you would when straightening your hair, use hair spray, carefully take out the braids and Voila! You’d automatically have beach waves. I wish I could say that there was more to this formula but that’s basically all you have to do and you’re good to go.