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Monday Motivation: Get Fuller Lips In One Minute

We’ve mentioned lipstick as a great Monday booster before, but the only thing better than perfectly-colored lips are perfectly-colored full lips. This beauty hack will only add a minute to your morning routine and it’s so worth it. Fuller lips are a confidence booster, and they add more dimension and edge to your overall look. We’ve all coveted Angelina Jolie’s flawless lips, and we’ve seen how much attention Kylie Jenner’s lips have gotten. We’re not suggesting anything crazy like lip injections, of course, but rather a quick trick for perfectly subtle, yet totally full lips for no cost whatsoever—the only beauty hacks we like.

For starters, grab your white or beige eye or lip pencil. If you don’t have any of these options, then concealer will work just fine. Begin with a base coat of lipstick on, then rub the white pencil (or whatever else you decide to use) horizontally across the middle section of your top and bottom lips. Use the two highest points of your lips as guides—you’ll color in everything in between this area on both the bottom and top.

Next, use this same pencil to outline the edges of your lips, just bordering the area you colored in. Draw slightly outside of this area, as you will want to create a blended look instead of an obvious contrast ( you don’t want it to look like Padme’s lips in Star Wars). Use your finger to gently blend the colored section to the sides so it eases into the rest of your lips.

Add a layer of neutral lipgloss for a more natural plump. If you have a lighter lipstick on originally, you’ll be less likely to need lip gloss on top after. But with a dark lipstick, like plum or red, you’ll want to add a final layer of lipgloss to better even out the highlighted section.

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