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Monday Motivation: Get Your Eyeliner Just Right

The last thing you need to worry about on a Monday morning is sloppy eye makeup. But with tired hands and not-fully-awake eyes, it’s inevitable that you’ll have to give your eyeliner a few tries before it’s workplace acceptable. Whether you’re used to an eye pencil or liquid eyeliner, you’re going to have to change up your beauty routine to get your eyeliner just right.

Want to get your eyeliner just right with minimal effort? Use both an eye pencil and your liquid eyeliner. We know what you’re already thinking—this sounds like it will be even more work. It’s won’t be, promise.

The perk of liquid eyeliner is that it is typically smudge-free and long-lasting. Liquid liner leaves you with a thick, completely filled in line. Unfortunately, it’s also difficult to get liquid liner to go on straight. Luckily, an eye pencil is much easier to apply in a straight, even line. But eye pencils tend to smudge, and they are notorious for being difficult to get completely filled in.

It’s a miracle we hadn’t thought of this before, but why not use both together if they each have what the other is lacking?

Begin by applying a straight line with your eye pencil. This way you have the straight edges completed and you’ll simply have to fill it in with liquid liner. Carefully apply the liquid liner in between the edges of your line for even, filled in, smudge-free, and straight eyeliner.

By simply letting your two eye makeup products work together you can get your eyeliner just right!