How To Get Beachy Waves

Yes, we know it’s winter. But what better way to warm up and get an extra dose of sunshine this Monday than by adding a little “beach” to your look. Beachy waves are cool, relaxed, and care-free—just what you need to ease stress and fatigue as you start the week.

We’d guess you have used a curling iron before to get the perfect beachy waves, but only to end up with bouncy, girly curls. Well you’ve been holding your curling iron the wrong way. Beachy waves are possible with a curling iron, and while the outcome is entirely different from curly Qs, the technique is not much different from regular curling. You simply need to change the way you’re holding the iron.

The secret is to hold your iron horizontally instead of vertically. Begin with a 1-inch section of hair. Start wrapping the hair around the iron about a third of the way up the strand. Hold the hair around the iron for a few seconds before releasing the curl. If you held the iron horizontally, you’ll notice a a flawless, loose, beachy wave.

For added texture, try spraying a bit of sea salt spray. Our favorite is R+Co’s Rockaway Salt Spray. This will make your waves a little messier for that just-off-the-beach look.

Aside from being incredibly easy, these beachy waves look great with any outfit, making your Monday morning routine ten times easier. You can rock the best beachy waves with somewhat dirty hair, so you won’t even need to rinse or blow dry! Hello stress-free Monday.