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Here we go. How to style a beanie 101.

It’s freaking cold out. We’re not about to step out on our Monday without covering every inch of our body with something cozy. As much as we love styling our hair, sometimes the winter weather doesn’t go hand in hand with gorgeous hair. If you curl your hair, the wind will mess it up. If you straighten your hair, your pretty locks will have breakage and be dry. If you wear it up, your face will be too exposed to the winter elements.

So what are you to do to brace this bitter Monday morning? Wear a beanie, and rock it. Here’s how to style a beanie.

The best part about wearing a beanie in the winter is how much time you’ll save getting ready in the morning. All you have to do is toss on a hat and follow our super easy styling tips below. Check out how to style a beanie.

1. Take care of your ends

The point of wearing a beanie is to avoid styling your hair with heat products (and obviously to keep you warm). Take care of the ends of your hair by rubbing a hair serum through the ends.

2. Style without heat

If you must style your hair, spray a texturizing spray or salt spray to create a piecey, beachy look. Try this DIY salt spray recipe.

3. Place your beanie right

Keep your beanie just above your eyebrows for maximum glam.

4. Do up your brows

Your beanie will accentuate your brows, so make sure they’re in good shape. Brush them, flick a brow pencil across each brow, and finish with a brow gel.

5. Add some statement earrings

Add some large glamorous studs to complete your look. They’ll take the focal point away from your hair (in case you don’t love the messier look), and they’ll dress up this somewhat casual, laid back style.

6. Finish with the right lipstick

Add a dark plum or maroon lipstick to finish this edgy look. Check out our holiday lip colors for some inspiration.