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Image: Shutterstock: Roserunn

With fall in full swing, the purple and pink wildflowers that cover the earth have left us until spring graces us again with her presence. But if there’s one reason we can all appreciate autumn, it’s that it is now the season of sunflowers and brightly colored mums. Our pastel petals have been replaced with warm, yellows and oranges, reminding us that change can be a beautiful thing.

On most Monday mornings, we tend to groggily slip out of bed and forget about all the pretty little details we’re surrounded by. On this Monday in particular, I urge you to take a deep breath, apply your mascara with grace, and consider stopping by the market after class or work to grab some flowers to display next to your makeup brushes and brow pencils.

Here’s why you should keep flowers on your vanity.

Flowers teach us a lot about beauty

Flowers, of all kinds, are beautiful in their own unique way. Even a rose that is slightly damaged is still a rose. Being surrounded by blooms is a natural and bright way to add inspiration to not only your makeup routine, but to your entire day. Whether you suddenly feel inspired to embrace the natural makeup look, or you get the urge to apply a bright red to your lips, having flowers on your vanity is a great way to inspire beauty, both inside and out.

Flowers teach us to embrace the sun

When you put flowers near the window, you’ll slowly start to notice that they begin to lean towards the sunlight. They depend upon the sun for life. We, like flowers, need to be always looking toward the light—looking on the bright side of every day. While Mondays are known for being the least favorite day of any human being’s week, we need to be both inspired and inspiring to those around us and focus on the good. Not only will focusing on the good be inspiring to you, but it will become contagious to those around you, creating a sunny environment for all of us to grow in.

Flowers stand tall and continue to grow

Flowers grow through dirt and continue to stand tall, and you will too. We get it—classes are hard, work is all consuming, and your social life feels like it is sometimes hanging by a thread. But even through all the “dirt,” you will continue to grow because women are confident, beautiful creatures. We have the ability to break ground and add beautiful color to any situation. When you sit down in front of your mirror in the morning, you’ll glance at the pretty flowers you have resting in a mason jar and be reminded to feel beautiful and confident, even if it’s just a Monday.