Monday Motivation: Keep Your Bobby Pins In Place 

Is it already Monday again? Also, do I really have to do my hair, again? Oh the woes of having to make hair look presentable on a daily basis. Perhaps you thought about throwing in some bobby pins for a quick fix. As soon as you have this thought you probably thought about how bobby pins never stay in place. Some days bobby pins almost seem useless—slipping, sliding, and falling out. They’re deceptive. You think they’re going to be reliable until you walk by the mirror and see your messy bun looks less like a bun and more like an octopus. Yikes.

So what to do? Thankfully, we’ve got just the beauty hack for you. Keep your bobby pins in place by spraying hairspray on them before you put them in your hair. Hair spray post-up-do just won’t do the trick. Lay your bobby pins on a paper towel and spray them evenly with hair spray. Barely tap them dry—just enough so your hands don’t get too sticky. Now place them into your hairdo as you normally would. You can go easy on the hair spray since you can be sure your bobby pins will now be as reliable as ever.

Here’s to a Monday without the surprises. With secure bobby pins you can do anything, because you’ll spend less time worrying about your messy Monday hair, and more time focused on the tasks at hand.

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