pink lips
Image: iHome Remedy

The swipe of a lipstick can take your entire appearance from zero to a hundred real quick, costing, in the process, your ability to eat freely and forcing you into an inevitable friendship with straws. Even at the cost of beauty, that’s a price, a tad too expensive to pay, thus it becomes extremely unpleasant when one has to go through the re-application phase and repeat the entire ordeal every 3-4 hours. These hacks will make your lipstick last longer, and you’ll be the better for it.

Here’s how to make your lipstick last longer.

Brush away dead skin cells

No matter how matte and long lasting your lipstick is, it would never apply well or last long on dehydrated lips. Brushing the lips with a damp toothbrush serves as a method of priming the lips. The rubbing effect of the damp bristles gets rid of the dry skins cells and leaves it fresh and plump for lipstick application.

Apply petroleum jelly

If brushing away dead skin cells does not leave your lips soft enough for lipstick application, petroleum or lip balm would definitely suffice to finish up the process. It hydrates and moisturizes your lips, leaving its surface smooth and polished enough for a lipstick to stick to while reducing the risk of lip cracks during the day.

Line the lips

Lining the lips provides an outline in which the applied lipstick be confined. It is extremely important because it evens out the lip pigment, creating a base that the lip color can adhere to and allowing the lipstick to last longer than it usually would. It also reduces the risks of lip smudges.

Apply base and top coat

Like the lip liner, the base coat (lip stain) would provide a foundation for the top coat (lipstick), thus, effectively locking in lip color. Because lip stains are known to last longer, it is advisable to use a long-lasting lip stain like “Too Faced, Melted, Liquified Long Wear Lipstick as the base coat before adding the top layer. The base lip stain would make it harder for the lipstick to wear as the color would be, now, more solidly locked together.

Clean out edges

Cleaning out the edges after applying lipstick accentuates your lip, highlights its shape, provides the illusion of fuller lips and ultimately, gets rid of smudges. To achieve, slightly dip an angled brush in foundation, then, trace around the lip line.

 Use baby powder

The use of baby powder is the last straw in this entire procedure. It is basically intended to set the lipstick in place. Simply place a thin piece of tissue over the lips and apply baby powder or loose powder through the tissue. The tissue allows finer, filtered particles of powder to go through the lips which would matte it down and subsequently, make your lipstick last longer through the day.