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As another week in the joyful (and stressful) month of December begins, I find myself having less time to take care of myself as I would normally like. Whether it’s accidentally falling asleep with my makeup on (sorry, mom), or just not having enough time in the morning to tame my hair, I definitely am glad I have some beauty products that make my life much simpler during this hectic holiday season.

So, you’re in luck fellow beauty hackers, because I have decided to share some of my wisdom (or, favorite products) with you all.

Here are my favorite life-saving beauty products to get you through the week.

On-The-Go Makeup Remover Glove

glov makeup remover glove
Image: ULTA

This GLOV makeup remover mit is seriously one of the best beauty buys. I hate taking the time to wash my face at night when I just want to fall asleep, or even before I hit the gym, but this glove makes it super easy. It removes more makeup faster than just using regular makeup wipes or a washcloth. What’s even more awesome is that you can find it at ULTA or ULTA Online for just $12.99. It also makes a killer stocking stuffer, just for the record.

Boscia Oil blotting sheets

boscia peppermint oil blotting linens
Image: Boscia

Oil blotting sheets come in handy in so many instances, especially for those of us with an oily complexion. They’re great for removing excess oil throughout the day to prevent clogged pores and blemishes. Boscia’s Peppermint Blotting Linens are the Mercedes-Benz of oil-blotting sheets. Made from finely-woven leaf fibers of the exotic Abaca Tree Plant, these blotting sheets will not only blot away excess oil and dirt, but will leave your skin feeling refreshed from the invigorating peppermint extract. Just throw the pack in your purse and have instant oil-absorption everywhere you go!

Invisibobble Traceless Hair Rings

invisbobble traceless hair rings
Image: Amazon

These hair “ties” are great for when you need to put your hair up but don’t want to have that dreaded “pony-tail dent” in your hair. I especially love using mine while I am getting ready for an event and want to put my hair up temporarily while I do my makeup. My sister loves wearing them in her hair and on her wrists at all time. Their Time to Shine collection is festive and cheerful for this holiday season, not to mention they’re just so pretty.

Evo Reincarnator Repair

evo hair repair
Image: Evo

I cannot brag enough on Evo hair care. Their products are bomb and effective. My favorite of the moment is The Reincarnator collection. It basically breathes new life into your locks and makes life worth living again. Not to mention, Evo is running a holiday gifting campaign where you can order them in pretty packages (shown above) and gift them to your favorite beauty-loving friends.

Evo Live Large volumizing shampoo and conditioner

Evo Live Large volumizing collection
Image: Evo

Because I’m obsessed… Evo has another product that is great for a quick and easy beauty-revamp. Their Live Large collection, with volumizing shampoo and conditioner, will give your hair instant lift after just one wash. I’m in love with this collection in particular, especially because if you purchase now you also get a really cute bag that they come on. What more can you really ask for in life?

So there you have it ladies. You’re basically taking a look inside my bathroom cabinet right now. These products make it easy for me to get through both Monday and December in general. Let’s get through the next few weeks of the holiday season together.