blonde girl looking down sad outside

Pull Yourself Together After A Good Cry In Less Than A Minute

Whether you’re crying because it’s Monday or for any other reason, a good cry happens to the best of us. It’s always after you’ve gotten worked up that you wish you had the right items to clean yourself up and cover up the evidence that you just cried. Well here’s your chance—this is everything you need to pull yourself together after a good cry, all under sixty seconds.

Start by lifting your mood a bit before you head back into the office or your next meeting. Take a walk outside, listen to music with the windows rolled down. Splash some water on your face. Look at Internet memes until you can’t stop smiling and laughing. Whatever you have to do to get yourself out of the rut that made you cry in the first place.

Next, you need to de-puff and freshen up your eyes. If you have access to ice or cold water apply under your eyes using a washcloth (so you don’t make your eyes even more red). Apply concealer in an upside down triangle to get rid of any remaining unwanted color. Have some eye drops handy to clear up the redness in your actual eyes too.

If you have coconut oil, petroleum jelly, or even chapstick, use a cotton swab, brush or tissue to rub off any smudge from mascara or eyeliner. Using one of these ingredients will prevent extra irritation and redness and prevent the makeup from smudging any further.

Lastly, add a pop of color far away from your cheeks and eyes to keep the focus of attention elsewhere. Try adding a colorful, fun lip gloss or lipstick. Besides, wearing lipstick always puts us in a better mood anyways!