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You’ve done it again. A little too much to drink last night, and now you’re waking up feeling like you got hit by a bus. A headache, uneasy stomach and achey body all combine for a terrible hangover. Ugh. It’s really hard to put yourself together when you’re feeling like this. Don’t worry, we have your fix to quickly put yourself together to get where you need to go, even if you think you might vomit at any second. Hangovers can’t stop you, you have places to go and people to see. Try these few little tricks to make yourself look like you have a little life inside.


If you have time, shower. It will revitalize your body and make you feel like a whole new person. If you don’t have time for a shower, wash your face and follow with a good moisturizer. Cleansing any leftover makeup off your face will make it look less sallow and dull. Plus, you’ll feel cleaner. Moisturizer is essential to revive your thirsty skin, since you deprived it last night with all those cocktails. Taking care of your skin is always important, but especially the morning after a night out when alcohol has robbed it of nutrients and hydration.

Brighten eyes

No one likes red, puffy and tired looking eyes. Use some eye drops if you find your eyes are a little bloodshot and dry. Make sure you apply a good eye cream to take puffiness down a notch and hydrate the sensitive area. When applying makeup, stick to bright colors that won’t close your eyes up and make them look darker. Use a white or nude colored eyeliner on the lower waterline of your eyes to really make your eyes look bright and awake. Add a few coats of mascara, and your eyes are ready for the day. Even if you aren’t.


Your skin might look a little dull this morning, so add a little extra bronzer. Follow your normal routine, but apply an extra swipe of a shimmery bronzer to bring life to your skin. Highlighter won’t hurt either, hell add as much shimmer as you want. Anything to brighten your skin will do you favors.

Water, water, water

Alcohol dehydrates your entire body, so replenishing that hydration the next day (if not immediately) is necessary. Water will also rehydrate your skin and make it look more alive. Take some aspirin while you’re at it also, as it has anti-inflammatory properties to help with any swelling or puffiness.

Wear deodorant

Alcohol makes us sweat. A lot. It’s your body’s way of getting all the toxins out of your body, in the smelliest way possible. Before you head out for the day, add some extra deodorant to protect yourself and those around you from the stench. We’re all guilty of it.