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Not only is it hard to get out of bed on a Monday, this time of year you have to face the bitter cold of winter too. *eye roll* This does not make your skin happy, trust me, I know. When you’re short on time and your skin is getting in the way with it’s flaky thirst, try some of these quick dry skin hacks.

Use a hydrating facial spray

If you find that your skin gets tight and uncomfortable throughout the day, try keeping a hydrating facial spray in your purse or car. Spritz it all over whenever you feel the need – trust me, its like your skin is taking a drink of water. Plus, this one smells really good.

Throw on a sheet mask

Sheet masks are often some of the most hydrating facial masks out there, so what better way to give your skin a little boost in the morning? If you have time, just putting one on for ten minutes will help your skin appear and feel better throughout the day. Let it do it’s magic while you’re doing your hair, or even while you’re making breakfast. You will thank yourself at 3 pm. (Try this sheet mask, it’s our fav.)

Don’t wear a matte foundation

If you have dry skin, you probably don’t need to be told this. Matte foundations can definitely work if you prime, moisturize, and apply it well. However, when it’s terribly cold and your skin is not having it, it’s best not to bother it. A hydrating and dewey foundation, or a BB/CC cream, is going to be your best bet in avoiding gross dry patches from appearing throughout the day.

Try this foundation, or this CC cream. They’re amazing.

Mix a serum/facial oil with your foundation

This is something that seems intimidating, but you seriously have to try it. Putting oil on your face sounds like a recipe for disaster, but if you do it right, it will change your life. Add 2-3 drops of your favorite serum or facial oil (depending on how dry your skin is feeling) to your foundation brush before blending it in. If you’re using a beauty sponge to blend your foundation in, mix the serum or oil directly into the foundation on the back of your hand before dotting around your whole face.

Try this facial oil from Josie Maran.