Image- LarsZ/Shutterstock
Image- LarsZ/Shutterstock

The buzz of the alarm clock on a Monday morning is rarely anyone’s favorite sound. Although you may have mustered enough motivation to drag yourself out of bed, withstand the harrowing experience of a chilly bath and resist the tempting call of breakfast, more for time management than dietary reasons, there couldn’t be a more discouraging occurrence than the sight of unsightly hair. That which can rarely be tamed in the nick of time. Agreed! Bad hair days are bothersome, but with these tips, you won’t have to deal with them at all…not until you absolutely have to deal with them.

Messy bun

Image- Anna Ok/ Shutterstock
Image- Anna Ok/ Shutterstock

Beyoncé got a lot of us wondering when she went “I woke up like this,” because we all know a great deal of styling went into the wavy bob she sported in her Flawless music video. The one good thing that could come out of bad hair days is how easily your frizzled, tangled hair could reemerge so perfectly like a predisposed work of art. You really don’t have to go through the stress of untangling, conditioning and combing, especially since you’d probably be pressed for time. Pull up your hair into a pony tail, wrap the ends around till they form a bun, then, pin in place. You’d beat Beyoncé to “waking up like this” and with a clear conscience too.


Image- Africa Studio/ Shutterstock
Image- Africa Studio/ Shutterstock

Putting your hair in braids could be like the holy grail of hair problems. They automatically untangle, stretch and curl your hair, at the same time, giving you the exotic vibe of a refined island chic.  It helps that goddess braids are the hottest trend now, no one would have any idea you’re doing it just to save face. You don’t necessarily have to stick to one style, try a fish tail braid or a ponytail braid and if the art of braiding is not your forte, substitute it with twisting instead.


Image- JL Pfeifer/Shutterstock
Image- JL-Pfeifer/Shutterstock

Hats are an all season wardrobe staple, so you’re seriously lagging if you don’t have one yet. I’m talking floppy wool and fedora. You score if your work place allows business casual. You literally don’t have to do anything to your hair, just plop the hat on and waltz out of the house. You’d be amazed at how perfectly hidden your stubborn tresses would be. “Oh wide brimmed Fedora, what shalt we have done without you?”


Image- Myvisuals/ Shutterstock
Image- Myvisuals/Shutterstock

The magic of the turban is just as similar to that of the hat, its only difference is that it allows for a more relaxed appearance, especially given the vibrant colors it, most times, possesses. Most come ready-made, so you don’t have to stress yourself about tying it perfectly. “Hey summer breeze, my hair is bad and you don’t even know it.”