tan lines

Monday Motivation: Quick Self-Tanner Remover

Oh winter, the season where our tans fade from dark to light to hello pale white! It seems this sudden skin change comes out of nowhere. You’ll wake up one morning in January and realize your skin looks a lot less like a Victoria’s Secret angel modeling bikinis and far more like a white kitten with pink features. Oh and not to mention, you may even be just as furry as a kitten this time of year if you’re like us and you slack on shaving in the winter. With that all being said, it’s time to pull out those self-tanners—light ones of course!

First of all, it’s vital that you choose the right shade for your self-tanner. If you are as pale as we’re talking about, then you don’t need a tanner labeled “medium to dark.” We must be patient with our skin color. Besides, it’s way more fun if people can’t tell that it’s fake. For this time of year it’s best to choose a tanning lotion that’s labeled “fair to medium.” Our favorite product is Jergens Natural Glow Firming Moisturizer. The only thing better than a flawless tan is a flawless tan with firm and healthy skin.

Even though you’ll be using a lighter self-tanner, chances are you’ll still accidentally put too much in one area and end up with pesky dark spots. If you mix water, lemon juice, and baking soda you’ll end up with the perfect self-tanner remover. Use a toothbrush to dip into the mixture and scrub your skin in the area you wish to lighten up a bit. The mixture combined with the toothbrush will also act as an exfoliator for your skin.

With your life-saving self-tanner and this quick self-tanner remover, you’ll be a glowing goddess this Monday and every day after. The winter has nothing on your natural glow!