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Monday Motivation: Say Goodbye To Hair Static

Oh cold weather how we’ve been waiting for you. Finally we can wear chunky cable knit sweaters and knee-high boots and drink venti lattes without breaking out in a sweat. But there is one downside to beanies and cozy sweaters—static. Pull off your winter hat and sweater and lo and behold plasma-ball-looking-hair. This is extra annoying when you’re trying to keep your head and neck warm on your way to work in the frigid morning, but then your hair is messed up for the rest of the day. It’s either that or you freeze to death. Take your pick. Fortunately we’ve found a quick solution for this, and it’s something you can do anywhere as long as you keep a brush and some dryer sheets around.

Place a dryer sheet on top of your brush and press it down so the holes poke through. Brush your hair with the dryer sheet attached to keep the frustrating hairs down for good. If you keep a brush and a bag of dryer sheets in your purse or car, you’ll always have a solution to quickly get rid of static hair. So next time you’re at the store, go ahead and buy two boxes of dryer sheets, because you’ll need one box for the bathroom too.

Happy Monday, ladies. Now you’re one beauty hack closer to an effortless and enjoyable Monday.