Monday Motivation: Shrink A Pimple In Minutes

The last thing you want to wake up to on Monday morning is a brand new pimple. No matter how much cream and toner you use the night before, sometimes pimples are just determined to make themselves welcome. Keep your Mondays bearable by learning how to shrink a pimple in minutes.

All you need for this beauty hack is some Listerine or another similar brand of mouthwash. Grab a cotton ball or washcloth and pour a little mouthwash on it. Place the cotton ball or towel on your pimple for thirty seconds. Keep getting ready, pour your coffee, or get back in bed, but be sure to check back in the mirror several minutes later and take note of how much your pimple shrinks.

It may not be completely gone, but keep in mind that everyone gets pimples, even into their adult years. They’re no sign of inferiority. Look in the mirror again and tell yourself, you look great. Because you do.

On a side note, make sure to never pop your pimples. But on the off chance that you do, here’s how you can instantly stop a pimple from bleeding: How To Stop A Bleeding Pimple Instantly.

Finally, don’t let a pesky pimple ruin your Monday. You had too great of a weekend to let this be the reason you drag your feet today.