Young brunette woman is lying on her bad in the morning with laptop and a cup of coffee.
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Good morning fellow beauty obsessers. There’s nothing I hate more than feeling rushed in the morning. Call me crazy, but I prefer to wake up slowly with my cat and sip my coffee rather than rush out the door with wet hair and crooked eye liner (cringe). While we can’t avoid these type of mornings altogether (hello, we’re human), we can definitely make our mornings easier by having a pre-planned beauty look.


I know, this sounds kind of 6th grade. But there is a fun and grown up way to have beauty inspiration at your fingertips (or your iphone), and it’s called Pinterest.

Fun fact about me: I am Pinterest obsessed. I have been an avid pinner since I was about 15, and I am completely and utterly in love with my Pinterest boards. They’re my babies and I have put lots of time and effort into these virtual pin-boards.

While recently becoming an early riser (we’re talking 5 AM early) due to a new job, I have taken to reviewing my Beauty board on my Pinterest account every morning before I get ready for the day to find some beauty inspiration. What I’ve started to notice about this little routine of mine is that not only is it inspiring to me, but it also saves me a ton of time in the morning when deciding what to wear and what makeup look I am going for.

Since I have made coffee and pinning part of my morning routine already, I just curl up with my cat and scroll through the different beauty looks I’ve been wanting to try, decide on one, and then think of an outfit I have that will fit that look (sometimes I’ll then refer to my style board). In about ten minutes, I have an entire look planned out—from the hairstyle and lipstick to the jacket and shoes. It saves me a ton of stress in the morning and also inspires me to get up, dress up and show up for the day (#girlboss).

But if you’re one of those people that doesn’t have the time in their busy AF schedules to pin in your not-so-free-time, Daily Beauty Hack has got you covered. We have some boards on our Pinterest account that you can sift through and collect inspiration from because, you know, we care.

Our All Things Makeup board is, well, all things makeup (I know, you never would have figured that out on your own). It’s full of beauty inspiration, and it continues to grow daily, so you’ll never be left without new ideas to try. And because we truly are makeup obsessed, we also have boards that relate to more specific parts of beauty, such as the lashes, lips, skin and hair.

So save yourself some time in the morning (especially on the dreaded Monday mornings) and make a beauty inspiration board! It’s like those collages we used to make as kids but you don’t have to cut up your beloved VOGUE’s anymore and piss off Anna Wintour.