Woman stretching in bed after wake up, back view
Image: Shutterstock/Nenad Aksic

How to make your morning beauty routine easier and save time

How would you like to save a few minutes each morning? By being organized and changing-up just a few of your morning beauty habits, you can streamline your entire routine and have an easier start to your day.

Spend Some Time Organizing

You won’t be stumbling around in the pre-dawn hours searching for your favorite make-up products if you already know exactly where they are. Using small bins or baskets, you can organize your products by function or by the order you use them in, whatever works best for you. Jewelry can also be orderly. Hank necklaces on hooks near your medicine cabinet or mirror, place earrings in mini-drawers with silver in one drawer, gold in another, and your weekend danglies in yet another. And while you are at it, take time to de-clutter and rid yourself of excess makeup and jewelry that you will never use again.

Set Out Clothes the Night Before

You can save precious time and energy if you take a few extra minutes before bed to set aside what you are going to wear the next day. Also remember to choose shoes, jewelry, hair accessories, and your makeup products. If you need to iron, do that the night before as well. Don’t stop with just your own selections. If you have small children who dawdle when dressing, help them at bedtime to find just the right outfit for their next day’s activities.

Consider Skipping the A.M. Shower

Unless you are a sweaty sleeper, opt to take your shower or bath each night before bed. In the morning all you need to do is control any bed-hair by spritzing it down, dampening it in the sink, or using a dry shampoo. And while you are skipping things, you can avoid the time it takes to shave by waxing your legs every few months instead.

Avoid the Blow Dry

If you must shampoo and/or condition in the morning, you can at least save valuable minutes by skipping the blow dry. Just towel dry your hair, comb, and apply a finishing product such as a smoothing serum or a curl-enhancer. To bring out natural curls and waves, turn your head upside down, scrunch the strands between your fingers, and you’re done.

Multi-Purpose Products Rule

Instead of using a multitude of bath and beauty products that only have one purpose, choose those that have two or more functions. For instance, choose a shampoo and conditioner in one, or a bath scrub and moisturizer combo, or a face cream with sun block. You can also pick a triple-duty lip product that provides color, acts as a lip balm, and shields UV rays.

Your mornings don’t have to be complete chaos. All you need to do is organize your makeup and jewelry, select outfits and shower the night before, and simplify your hair and beauty routines. Shaving minutes off your morning will allow you to have more pleasant and less stressful start to each day.