Get your mind right first thing in the morning to cultivate more self-love throughout your day, and ultimately live a life full of self-love. Self-love is important (and not selfish!) because the better you are able to love yourself and feel confident, the more you can give your best to others and love them unconditionally. When we stop spending so much time beating ourselves down, we have much more energy for our work, our loved ones, our hobbies and passions, and for living our true purpose.

Here is how to start your day with a morning mindset for body self-love.

Pay Attention To What You Think First

What is the first thought that you have when you first wake up in the morning? For most people, my guess is that it has something to do with negativity—Ugh, why did I drink last night? Why can’t I wake up earlier? I’m already behind. I feel so exhausted, I can’t handle today. You get the idea.

Starting your day immediately with negativity is no way to live healthily. While it may be impossible to wake up and not feel any negativity at all, what you can do is work on changing your thoughts right away. Switch gears and say something to yourself like I am so excited to do (blank) today. I love that I will get to see (blank) today. I am looking forward to investing in myself today. I am grateful for my job, the people in my life, and my dog. Try starting every morning with a positive thought to help you get out of bed with a positive attitude.

Practice Gratitude

Keep a journal by your bed, or keep a gratitude list on your phone. Every morning write anywhere from a few to ten things you are grateful for. This really won’t take much time or eat into your morning routine, and it is so worth it. When you practice gratitude, you realize how unimportant your worries often are. Gratitude makes you realize how much abundance you do have in your life, and you have less of a desire for negativity when stating what you are thankful for.

Do One Thing For Yourself

We’re not necessarily talking about self-care. Of course, this one thing for yourself can be self-care, like practicing yoga, going for a walk, meditating, or taking a bath—but think along the lines of indulgence too. Deprivation never brings self-love. If you just love that pumpkin spice latte, treat yourself to one every once in a while before work. On the weekend, treat yourself to a mimosa in the morning. Take the longer, scenic route to work. Eat a cinnamon roll for breakfast. Here and there, (in the same way you would surprise a loved one with a treat) treat yourself to remind yourself that you are loved and special.

Get Ready Because It Feels Good

So often women get into the habit of putting on a cute outfit and makeup and doing our hair in a certain way to impress others—or that one particular person. Instead of getting ready in the morning for someone else, get ready because you like the way that color of lipstick looks on you. Wear that cute top because you like it. The more you remind yourself that you’re getting ready for you and not someone else, the more you will fall back in love with yourself.