Must-Have Beauty Accessories

Looking for a product to make your style-related life easier? There are so many axillary beauty accessories and products on the market, there’s stuff out there you probably didn’t even know you needed until you’ll see it. So below are several must-have beauty accessories you either forgot about or didn’t know they made.

Hair tie bracelet: Always taking out your hair tie, only to lose the dang thing within a minute? This must-have beauty accessories bracelet is perfect for those days when you want your hair both up and down. It holds the hair tie right on your wrist while you’re wearing your hair down.

Makeup brush tower tree: If you wash your brushes a lot, air drying can be a pain. You might have to flip the brush halfway through if you’re laying it on a flat surface. This must-have beauty accessories makeup brush holder lets you hang your brushes upside down so that you can let them drip dry. It might also be a good solution for keeping brushes, as just laying your brush on it’s side can bend the bristles into a funky shape over time.

Leak-proof travel bottles: Sick of your favorite beauty products leaking all over your bag when you travel? These were made specifically to be leak-proof. A bottle that actually keeps its contents inside itself, the one thing a bottle is built to do? Amazing, right?

Conair styling essentials kit: Speaking of traveling, this must-have beauty accessories hair styling essentials kit is perfect if you’re on the go. It’s a slim black box that comes with bobby pins, elastic bands and clips.

Bun hairstyling tool: If you have trouble getting the perfect donut bun, you might want to give this styling tool a try. The hair wraps right around it, and it’s even colored and textured to look like your natural hair so it blends in.

Hair braiding tool: Can’t get the most perfect braid no matter how hard you try? This classic braiding tool helps you guide the hair around its winding grooves for the perfect braid.

Blend and sculpt brush set: If you’ve been “roughing it” by applying your makeup with just your fingers or a makeup sponge, maybe it’s time to up your game with a full brush set. This set is made for wide area coverage and precision application, as the set comes with both huge and small brushes.

Up-do hair tie: This nifty hair tie goes around your head like a headband. But its sections allow you to tuck your hair up in a pretty, knotted up do.

Styling clip: This grooved styling clip allows you to get better hairstyles when you need to hold hair back, cross hair over itself or pull hair to the side.