Nail Colors for Brown Skin
Image: MartiniDry

When we were young, we can remember our girlfriends trying to paint our nails. We were drawn to the brightest colors – the more outrageous they were, the better. Once we grew up and know better, we have learned the importance in choosing the right nail colors, especially if we have brown skin.

The rule of thumb for nail colors has always been to match the shade with your skin tone. So if you have brown skin, you choose dark hues. While this may hold some truth with a few women, it can be a fashion fail to be restrictive because the main goal, of course, is to make the skin pop.

In fact, with the advances in the beauty industry right now, you can actually optimize different choices of nail colors for brown skin to make your hands look slimmer, younger, or more tanned.

1. Darker Shade for Slimmer Hands

To give the illusion of thinner or smaller hands, you can choose deep ocean green nail colors for brown skin, advises celebrity manicurist Deborah Lippman. Reportedly, when you apply darker shades, you effectively make your nail beds smaller. Toffee Beige would also be perfect for your skin tone.

2. Appearing More Tan in Minutes

You know how to make your light brown skin even tanner? Create a contrast in your nail blush. You can choose baby blue or white, as well as lemon yellow, for darker skin.

3. Youthful Hands

For skin deep applications, there are beauty products in the market today that can make your hands appear younger, while also reducing bulging veins. However, the cheapest option for some women is picking the right nail colors for brown skin.  Mint Blue or poppy blue will make the hands look younger. Another trick is to apply bright orange or bright red, which will draw the eyes to your nails rather than your hands. These are great nail colors for brown skin.  Avoid darker shades.

Bonus tip:

Instruct the manicurist to preserve the sidewalls and be sure to file your nail on the tip only. Also, never wear fake nails as they make your hands look older than necessary.

4. Create Longer Fingers

For brown women with stubby hands, fret not. You can apply powdery pink nude, pastel, or opaque white in order to create the illusion of a longer nail bed. What this does is to make the fingers appear elongated.

Nail Colors for Brown Skin to Avoid

If you have a darker skin tone, you are quite lucky considering there are very few restrictions when it comes to nail colors. For instance, what you want to avoid is the brown paint as this doesn’t add value to your tone. You can rock the pink, orange, green, burgundy or blood red. Just make sure to steer clear of metallic gray or silver because they tend to make the skin look dull.

Remember, choosing the perfect nail colors for brown skin is only secondary to maintaining the quality of your nails. While most of us are busy with our daily commitments, we should set aside extra time to visit a professional manicurist so we can get the right advice in caring for our nails.