nail colors for light skin
Image: 5 second Studio

The body’s largest organ is the skin. Skin is composed of cell layers, glands, and nerves which serve to protect the human body. The skin can also be considered a waterproof or insulating shield which keeps the internal organs protected. The skin is a sensory organ which aids free movement of the human body.

People’s skin color is due to the amount of melanin they have. People with lighter skin are generally believed to originate from northern latitudes where the solar rays are weaker. Beauty experts made it clear that there are specific colors that complement women with lighter skin tones whenever they go to have their nails polished. Due to their fair complexion, not all nail colors for light skin are suitable for them.

In the 1980s, there was a color explosion which made beauty experts agree that better nail colors for light skin have grown quickly to larger choices. Women with fairer skin can choose from a wider selection of nail colors to express their style and personality even more. Listed below are some of the brilliant nail colors for light skin that women can pick from.

Nail colors for light skin

Dark Colors and Black

Light-skinned women wearing bold, dark colors exude more confidence and strength in character. Victoria Beckham alongside with her husband, David Beckham happens to be the first lady to wear a black nail color a couple of years ago. The black nail color distinguishes any light skin lady at any occasion; including the red carpets, catwalks, and even in magazines. With black or dark nail colors, every woman is sure to have a classy but gothic look.


Metallic nail colors are well suited for fair-skinned women. The style that metallic colors radiate is timeless. Colors like gold are known to be a very warm color, and those who wear gold nail colors can be seen as sociable types, successful, outgoing in parties and official meetings. Women with a quiet inner strength can go for silver nail colors because it is highly sophisticated and versatile.

Greens and Blues

Ladies who usually wear green nail colors set themselves apart from the crowd. Blue nail colors are calm and have been proven to look good on women with fair skin. Check out most ladies who wear blue nail colors and you will find them to be equally calm in nature.

Funky Shades

Funky nail colors like neon yellow, oranges, greens, and pink nail colors have been in vogue and have never gone into extinction. These shades have graced celebrity fingernails on red carpets and magazines over the years. Those that wear funky nail colors signify someone who has an energetic personality. Teaming up with good accessories can also give a woman a more glamorous look.

Red colors, pinks, and various shades of purple are alternative choices of nail colors for light skin. Different colors represent a statement about a women’s fashion statement. Every lady should often try experimenting with new nail colors as they might find it to become their new favorite.