nail polish storage ideas
Image: Blend Images

We all know that storing your favorite bottles of nail polish can be very difficult due to the irregular shape of the bottles, their relatively small sizes, and quite extensive amount. But, there are some nail polish storage ideas, that we suggest, that are cute and convenient. Some of them, you can totally DIY.

1) Store-bought container

Nowadays, if you go to a container store or shop on Amazon, you will be able to find clear containers made especially for nail polishes. There are similar containers to be found for lipsticks and other make-up items, so that you can be matching. The downside of such an option is that not all of your nail polish bottles can fit in there, and the space is really limited. You will probably wind up needing a couple containers, or more,  which can add up and be quite expensive. This is not the best of the nail polish storage ideas if you are on a budget.

2) A shelf

This nail polish storage ideas can easily be made yourself if you have any sturdy cardboard or wood pieces. Basically, you create a small shelf on your wall, which you can decorate however you like, and you store your nail polishes on this special shelf. This is quite easy and inexpensive, especially if you already have some of the materials at home. You should see how it will look in your interior design and work from there.

3) A big jar

Go to your local dollar store or any store where they sell kitchen supplies. Purchase a big jar that is used for storing flour, candy, or anything like that. You can choose one that has a cute design, or you can choose one that is quite plain so it won’t look too foreign in your overall design. You can put your nail polishes in there and make a nice display piece for your home.

4) Cupcake plates

You probably already own one of those two-storied cupcake plates. And, let’s be honest, how often do you have a tea party these days? If you put your nail polishes on both layers of the plate it will make a very nice vintage display of your nail polishes. And, it can turn, making it easier for you to get the right color.

5) Jewelry hanger

You know those clear pockets that you sometimes put in your closet for storing underwear or small items of clothing and accessories? It is relatively cheap, and you can use it to store your nail polishes. If you sort them by shade, it will be so much easier to get the right color.

6) Magnetic strip

This is a genius storage idea for simply everything. You can get magnets and magnetic strips in any craft store or hardware store. Attach your magnetic strip to any horizontal surface. It can be put inside of your bathroom cabinet or the door of your wardrobe. Attach a smaller piece of magnetic strip to your nail polishes and simply hang them. This idea is inspired by the way of storing knives, which is also extremely convenient.

Share your nail polish storage ideas with us!