Stiletto nails
Image: Pexels

You may have heard of galaxy hair, but meet galaxy nails. Theses stunning designs take starry nights and telescope vistas, and add them right onto the nails. Whether painted on or achieved through nails stickers, these stunning manicures are a great way to add some celestial style. Below are some of the top galaxy nail styles.

Purple and blue telescope nails: When you look up galaxy nails, this is probably the top style that will pop up. It has cool swirls of purple and blue against starry blackness. It’s like the Hubble Space Telescope views on your nails. You can get the look with these nail stickers.

Bright blue galaxy nails: Another idea is to go for a predominantly bright blue swirled pattern against black night. This look incorporates colors of bright aqua and royal blue.

Bright star galaxy nails: This painted look includes a black background with swirls of blue and magenta, along with the brightest white stars painted in the foreground. The focal point is the huge stars in this look.

Multicolored galaxy nails: This look has galaxy vistas of different colors on each nail. You can get the look with these nail wraps.

Painted purple galaxy nails: This look paints swirls of purple and white over a black background. Shots of four-pointed stars add to the celestial vibe.

Starry ombre galaxy nails: This look has black melt into a bright purple ombre at the tips. Over the top are silver sequins that look like stars. It’s a little more abstract and conceptual.

Teal galaxy nails: Another take is a swirled teal pattern with outlines of purple over black. Again, silver sequins and glitter form the stars.

Lightning galaxy nails: As the name suggests, this has bright lightning shooting down the center of the nail in a white streak. The lightning is surrounded by swirls of purple, and it’s all over a black background.

Rainbow galaxy nails: This look has rainbow telescope patterns on each nail. It’s even more colorful than the multicolored galaxy nails above. You can get the look with these stickers.

Easy sequin galaxy nails: If you don’t want the business of nail wraps or dabbing swirled patterns onto your nails, this gets you the look by applying starry sequin polish over a black base. Easy!

Constellation galaxy nails: This look has swirled galaxy nails with one accent nail representing a constellation like the Big Dipper. White dots are drawn over a black background, and are connected with white lines.

Pastel galaxy nails: This look has a swirled pattern of pastel shades like lilac, baby blue and soft pink. White stars in dots and four-pointed patterns keep it looking celestial.