When the very first Naked Palette came out, it was a huge hit. The fact that it comes with all nude colors makes it highly versatile. There are some makeup palettes that come with colors that are just fine but with this palette, every shade that you place on your face will look great. It doesn’t really matter what color combination you use, you know that it is bound to look great.

There are 5 Naked Palettes available so far and if you have been a fan since the first Naked Palette came out, there is a big chance that you have all because a girl can never have enough eyeshadow, right? There is a lot of hype about the different naked palettes but you know that there is one that will work best with your needs. If in case you do not understand why there are a lot of makeup enthusiasts who just love the Naked Palettes by Urban Decay, here’s why they’re so popular:

  • The quality of the palettes are gorgeous. You can be assured that all the eyeshadow colors are highly pigmented.
  • The colors that are available can all be mixed in order to create many different looks.
  • The palettes all come with great eyeshadow brush that will allow you to blend with ease.

Original Naked Palette

If you want to have something classic and versatile, you can choose the original Naked Palette. The best thing about this one is that you can have a nice mix of matte shades with the shimmery shades. You can choose some metallics too and you will not be disappointed. Know that it comes with a lot of brown, beige and gold. Always start out with the light colors as your base and the darkest ones at the outer corner of your eye.

Naked 2 Palette

Naked 2 comes with a lot more taupe, gray and some brown shades. This may be your choice if you would like to make your eyes appear lighter than its natural color. It should be remembered that Naked 1 and 2 may seem almost the same but with different shades. They are both neutrals so you can simply choose the palette which you think you can work with more. If you want warmer tones, go with Naked 1, and if you like cooler tones, use Naked 2. Remember that effect of the colors on you will depend on your skin tone. Whether you are cool-toned or warm-toned, expect that the colors will still look amazing.

Naked 3 Palette

They say that Naked 3 is a lot less versatile than the other palettes probably because they come from the same color family. The palette is full of rose gold tones that will enhance your eyes beautifully. This is the type of palette that will work best with people with cool skin tones. If you have cool skin tones, then you know that this is guaranteed to look amazing on you. Hopefully, it will be easier for you to choose the Naked Palette which will work best for you.

Naked Heat Palette

If you would like to have a Naked palette that comes with warmer hues then this is the right palette for you to use. There are still some shimmers but the red based hues will surely make you feel that you are on fire. The shimmers are a bit drier especially when compared to the other shimmer palettes of the other Naked eyeshadow varieties but they work well with the other shades. Expect that this is one palette that is going to be highly pigmented.

Naked Smoky Palette

The moment that you see this Naked palette, you will immediately want to start putting on your eyeshadow. It is meant to inspire you because you can already think of different makeup looks the moment that you see the available shades. The shades are relatively cooler especially when compared to Naked Heat. If you want a palette with more blues and beige, you will not be disappointed with this palette. Do remember that each shade available in any of the Naked palettes mentioned above come with their own pigmentation and staying power. Do not forget to put on
your eyelid primer first before using this palette on your lids.