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Natural Ways To Straighten Hair Without Heat

If you have naturally curly or wavy hair, you’ll know the pain of trying to make it look straight for certain hair styles. You try to use shampoo for straight, sleek hair and your tresses still bounce everywhere. Maybe you use a straightening iron, and you just end up frying and splitting your ends. Chemical straighteners can be on the expensive side and come with risks of hair damage over time. What’s commonly overlooked, however, are the natural ways to straighten hair. From hair-straightening masks to easy ways to handle wet hair, a natural approach can tame those wild locks.

Straighter Hair Styling

The easiest way to straighten hair is to watch how you treat it while it is still wet. If you go out of your way to keep it straight while it’s wet, you’ll be able to manipulate the hair into going straighter. If you have the patience for it, a classic method is to brush hair while it’s wet every five minutes or so, pulling it straight as you brush it out.

You can also secure hair tightly while it’s wet using hairpins, wrapping the hair around your head to keep it straight. Another option is to tie your damp hair into low pigtails at night, and then place hair ties on the pigtails every inch to keep hair straight while you sleep. If you’re starting with slightly wavy hair and you’d like it a little more straight, you can also tie your wet hair into a bun and then brush it out when your hair is dry.

Natural Hair Masks For Straight Locks

There are tons of masks to try that will also lead to straighter hair. These usually are aimed at coating and moisturizing the strands to tame the curl out of them. An easy idea is to mix a cup of coconut milk (a natural hair straightener) with a dollop of raw organic honey. Saturate the hair and leave in for one hour, and then rinse.

Another popular straightening hair mask is equal parts olive oil to two beaten eggs. Mix, leave on hair for 45 minutes, rinse the mixture off and then wash hair with a gentle shampoo. You can also mix olive oil with equal parts aloe vera gel, which moisturizes and straightens hair. You can keep this mixture on for an hour or two, then rinse it off and use a gentle shampoo to wash.

Hot Oil Treatment For Straight Hair

This is one of the easiest ways to get straighter hair naturally. Plus it’s a darn good way to moisturize hair and nourish the scalp. Coconut, almond or olive oils work. You’ll want to heat the oil in a microwave on high for about 20 seconds. Then massage your scalp for about 15 minutes with the oil. Comb the oil through your hair gently. Cover your hair with a shower cap or damp towel for a half an hour to an hour. Gently wash your hair with a mild shampoo to get the oil out.