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It’s that time of year again for New Year’s Resolutions! As we reflect on 2017, we may not have kept our resolutions, but it’s important to see the bigger picture—how we grew as people, how our relationships changed, and how we see the world differently. But with a new hope and excitement for 2018, we make new resolutions that we hope to keep this time around. Here’s the key to actually keeping your new year’s resolutions—keep them simple! Instead of making super specific and complicated beauty resolutions, try these totally sustainable new year’s resolutions your skin will thank you for.

Start Each Day with a Superfood Blend

Kicking off each day with a superfood smoothie can benefit your health in a multitude of ways. Not only will your skin be cleaner and brighter, but your digestion, energy and vitality will all improve. Superfoods, such as chia seeds, maca powder, cacao powder, wheatgrass, turmeric, goji berries, spirulina or acai powder, are packed full of antioxidants, omega-3s, anti-inflammatory properties, and more. These superfoods will fight off toxins to keep your skin clear and clean. They are full of vitamins to boost the health and youthfulness of your skin. They also have the power to de-puff your skin and nix any redness or blemishes. You know what they say—true beauty starts from within. So start each morning of 2018 with a beauty-boosting smoothie, and watch your skin heal itself without any topical products.

Add Collagen

Say goodbye to wrinkles! Collagen has been shown to reduce wrinkles by 20% after 8 weeks of consumption. Collagen boosts elasticity and helps with anti-aging. It also helps the skin retain moisture. In addition to helping the skin, collagen can improve bone and joint health, hormone balance, and digestion. Add collagen to your smoothies or lattes, or take it in supplement form!

Do More DIY

You know that DIY Pinterest board you keeping adding ideas to but never actually use? We’re declaring 2018 the year of DIY! Start putting those pins to use. When you create your own masks, creams, and tonics, you know exactly what is going into the product, so you don’t have to worry about putting anything toxic on your skin. Keep your skin its cleanest yet by controlling exactly what you put on your face.

Drink Less

This one’s tough, we know. But alcohol has major consequences to your health and skin when you drink too much of it. Alcohol dries out the skin and causes inflammation—plus, it’s packed with sugar! Alcohol can lead to rosacea, swollen eyes, cell damage, and aging.

Meditate Daily

Stress is a major culprit for breakouts. Combat stress by starting a daily meditation habit. Keep it simple and start small. Just five minutes a day can have huge benefits, including anti-aging and clearing breakouts. Focus on one point where you can feel your breathing—your nostrils, your chest, or your belly. Bring all of your attention to your breath and count each inhale and exhale until you get distracted, then start over with the counting.

Skip Fad Diets—Just Eat Less Sugar

This year, don’t pigeonhole yourself into some deprivation diet. Fad diets don’t work. Instead, just aim for eating healthier by eating a clean, whole foods diet. One way to improve your skin through diet is to decrease your sugar intake. Sugar is behind so many health problems—your skin included. Dr. Frederic Brandt even said giving up sugar can make you look ten years younger. Since sugar weakens the immune system, it can prevent the skin from fighting off bacteria, which leads to clogged pores and breakouts. Sugar prevents elasticity and encourages aging. This year, watch out for added sugars and keep the sweets to a minimum!

Simplify Your Routine

Having a 10-step nightly routine can be exhausting. Simplifying your beauty routine will make you better able to maintain it. Look for products that are more effective rather than having several different products, each for different things. For instance, it’s better to buy one, more expensive and effective product than a bunch of cheap products that could secretly be keeping the others from working.

Wear Less Makeup

Eek, did we really just say that?! Yeah, we did. We’re not saying go makeup-free on your nights out or all the time, for that matter. Just aim for relying on less makeup on the day-to-day. Going makeup-free occasionally will give your skin some time to breathe, and as good as your makeup may be, it can still clog your pores. If you don’t effectively remove all of your makeup off it can cause acne, and dirty makeup brushes hold bacteria and transfer to your skin. Go easy on the makeup in 2018, and you may even find yourself more confident with your natural look!