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As the new year officially started yesterday, most us were probably a little too hungover/sleep deprived to actually take our well-thought-out New Year’s resolutions seriously. Don’t feel too bad, you’re definitely not the only one putting off that 6 AM workout routine and continuing to eat left over NYE food even though one of your resolutions is to eat like a Victoria’s Secret model. We’re all in the same boat, wanting to have a kickass 2017 while also feeling a little exhausted from 2016 in general.

So as we all take this Monday to get back into the routine of work, school, or whatever it is that our lives are calling us back to, let’s take a moment to use this Monday Motivation as New Year Motivation. We at Daily Beauty Hack have come up with 5 ways to help keep your New Year’s resolutions throughout the whole year, or you know, at least until March.

Put them in plain sight

It’s not rocket science: The more you see your resolutions, the more you will be reminded of them. I recommend putting them on a sticky note and sticking one to your bathroom mirror, vanity, fridge or even the coffee pot, so that every morning you get a little reminder that 2017 could be your best year yet.

Be realistic

Let’s be honest, sometimes we get a little carried away when it comes to planning our New Year’s resolutions. Resolving to drink 32 ounces of water a day is attainable. Resolving to finally meet the man of your dreams… not in your control. So take a look at your list for me real quick. Is there anything on there that you know is ridiculous? Whether it’s agreeing to call your mom everyday (let’s be real), or promising yourself to do more juice cleanses (don’t die), I urge you to not set yourself up for failure, and cross out the ones that are unrealistic or just plain unhealthy. The more unrealistic and unattainable our resolutions are, the more likely we are to crumble up that list mid February and throw it in the trash.

Have a schedule

If you’re anything like me (or the rest of the world…), somewhere on that list of yours is something like “work out more” or “run everyday” or “get off your a**.” These are great resolutions to have, as exercise is known to have a plethora (Resolution #4: Use big words) of  health benefits on your body and mind. But without setting up a routine for these workouts, they seem to get lost in our everyday life and never quite make it on our to-do lists. So whether your goal is to work out everyday or even 3-4 days per week, make sure you schedule it in and don’t break that date with your health. After keeping a routine for a few weeks, it will naturally become habit in your everyday life.

Have an inspiration board

Whenever I think “inspiration board”, I think of that episode of Girls where Jessa shows Shoshanna her inspiration board and the whole thing reminds me of decorating my binders in the sixth grade.


Nevertheless, having something that is a visual reminder of your goals is a creative way to keep yourself motivated. You can do these via a Pinterest board, or even go old school and make one with magazine cutouts and prints from the internet. Put it on your fridge, above your bed, on your dresser – really just anywhere you can stare at it in awe and think oh yeah, that’s why I am doing this.


I stress this a lot, but remember to always give yourself grace. So you miss a workout? Big deal. You have a bad day so you eat a cheeseburger rather than a kale salad? You’re human. It happens. In the end, life is all about balance, not about kale salads and cardio. While starting over in the new year is a nice sentiment, remember you can start over every morning with a fresh perspective and get right back on track.

Cheers to 2017!