If caramel is not the perfect hair color, we don’t know what is. Just thinking about it makes us want a latte, but whether you are a blonde who wants to go darker, a brunette who wants to go lighter, or just about anyone else, caramel or caramel highlights or balayage can add depth and dimension to your color. It’s complimentary for all skin tones and hair textures and looks great in a variety of styles. It can also allow you to play with a darker or lighter shade before fully committing. And, it’s the color everyone is asking for! Peep our favorite caramel hair colors and styles.

Image: Pinterest

This photo shows that even darker brunettes can fabulously go caramel.

Darker at the roots, this layered cut really shows off the caramel through the mid-section and ends.

This is balayage perfection and the loosely coiled ends highlight the rich color.

We love this short, tousled look for easy styling and dimensional color.

Are words even necessary? The soft layers in the cut can be used to frame the face as well.

Got tight curls? Then try pintura caramel highlights, which focus on the whole length of the hair, unlike balayage, which is only mid-shaft and ends. Pintura allows light to catch on the entire curl, meaning more glow for you.

This balayage ombre color is to die for and the semi-defined waves show off the artistry and various tones of color.

To the Instagram caption, we say “Yes, please!” This slightly angled bob is super chic and it is the perfect caramel hair color.

This long, expertly styled and colored hair makes us want to channel Celia Cruz and staring singing “Caramelo, caramelo”.

This blonder shade of caramel looks amazing in these braids and we love that the color is through the whole length of the hair.

Amazingly colored and styled hair. There is just the right amount of blonde added to the brunette base.

Caramel with oil slick underneath? It’s a hip way to spice up this already on-trend color. Oil slick can be done on smaller sections of hair, too, so you do not have to commit a whole head of it.

Another bob to show off the warm caramel color. This one combines volume in the back with all-over layers.

Here is another shorter style, but with face framing layers and plenty of richness, and volume at the roots.

Styling highlighted hair in a fishtail can really put your color on display and it looks beautiful as well.

We dig this caramel shade with a hint of purple at the ends! Who says you can’t add in some fantasy color?

Which shades are you trying at your next salon visit?