organic hair color
Image: Pexels

Have you been wishing to change the color of your hair and are worried about the effects of chemical hair dyes? Relax – the solution is here: organic hair color.

In this article, you will learn the details about the meaning of organic hair color and what you need to know.
There are series of hair dyes that can give you the expected result you are looking for. Organic hair colours are a mixture of certified organic ingredients that uses minimum amounts of chemicals to achieve a permanent look. One of the advantages of organic hair color is that it gives you a new look in a healthier way and this can be achieved when you pick out the organic hair color you choose among the different shades and tones.

Traditionally, women have been using henna plants for thousands of years to beautify themselves by creating a temporary tattoo on both feet and hands. These same henna plants are useful for changing the look of the hair. Henna helps to make the hair more manageable and soft. When used with certain mixtures and concentrations, it can produce a red organic hair color. A black or brown hair can be the result when henna is applied with other plant dyes like indigo, alma, coffee, and cassis.

You can conveniently do more research into organic hair color online or read about it on cosmetic and beauty blogs. These can help you learn more information about organic hair color and whether this option is something you would like to try.
You can also choose to purchase commercially-made henna mixtures. These mixtures can be of different types from reddish brown, to dark brown, to bright red. You may be lucky to live in an area where commercially prepared mixtures can be purchased. You can buy henna directly from a health store or purchase them online. You will need to carefully read through the instruction manual on how to apply the mixture dye and how long it would take for the dye to stay on the hair.

The dye may wash off within a short time since the mixture is attached outside the hair shaft. If you shampoo your hair daily, it is more likely that your hair may fade off sooner than expected. You may begin to notice the roots in your hair, especially when the organic hair color of the mixture is dark. They will be more noticeable versus when using chemical dyes that wash away with time. Henna can be a good option, especially for chemically treated hair. This is a great opportunity for ladies who passionately seek for a better hair texture by dyeing their hair with a different organic hair color within a short time. Since no chemicals are present, it is safe enough to use it on thin hair.

It is important to know that henna can also be used over other types of chemical dyes. However, do not try using chemical mixtures over the henna. You need to be careful using dyes that are plant based if you have experienced a bad reaction to a henna tattoo or you are allergic. For any hair dye, it is important you carry out an allergy test.