The woman with mistrust looks aside
Image: Shutterstock/Golubovy

The dewy, highlighted look is in but oily and shiny skin is not. Those with oily skin know that keeping their face matte and beautiful is no easy task. It can get even trickier when you try to get rid of oil and end up drying out your face.

Oil on the face has been an enemy of women all over the world for generations. It causes breakouts, ruins your makeup and makes you look, well, a little bit like you need a shower. No good. No good at all!

But, there are some amazing products on the market that can help. Here are 5 products for oily skin to give a try:

The Body Shop Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream

This oil-controlling moisturizer comes in a gel form. It can play double duty as a foundation primer and is a great value. The lightweight formula hydrates without causing shine, absorbs into the skin in seconds, and helps to keep your oily skin at bay all day. Look out world!

Elemis Balancing Lavender Toner          

This toner has pore-refining abilities that will give your face a smooth and soft look. Designed to balance combination skin, this product keeps oil under control but doesn’t strip your face of necessary oils for a healthy and natural look. You’ll look radiant and illuminant, also with a touch of lavender which brings a soothing scent.

Oily skin kit

It’s more than one product! It’s a whole kit. Thanks, Dermalogica, our wishes have been granted! The products within reduce shine, clear pores, and lightly hydrate. The kit gives you everything that you need to get the skin that you have always wished for. It contains:

  • Dermal Clay Cleanser
  • Skin Prep Scrub
  • Multi-Active Toner
  • Oil Control Lotion
  • Total Eye Care with SPF15

Shine Stopper Instant Matte Finish with MICROSPONGE® Technology

This product works to keep skin flawlessly matte for at least six hours. It keeps oily shine in check while refining the pores. It dries as soft as satin and gives you a matte, powder-like finish. You’ll notice fewer pores and less shine immediately. Put on a light foundation and you will be ready for an all-day outing worry-free.

Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash Cream Cleanser                 

This last product cleanses deep down, but gently. It goes into the pores to cleanse for clear skin. Salicylic Acid helps to get rid of acne, and with preventing future breakouts. Soothers help stop irritation and parching of sensitive skin. Easy to find, inexpensive and proven to work—this is the perfect product for someone on a budget.

Oily skin is no laughing matter. It can be a real pain. But, these new products take some of the guesswork out of getting rid of the oil that shines through your makeup and causes awful breakouts. Flawless skin is possible and you can find it in a wide variety of packages, price points, and brands. Be sure to check out these top 5 products for oily skin to find the right one for you.