messy updos

If you haven’t had time to upkeep your hair to the most stellar of levels, messy updos are a godsend. They’re the ultimate “I totally meant to do this” look. Beyond that, they look casual, sassy and modern all in one go. Below are some of the best messy updo looks of the year.

Top Bun

messy top bun
Image: Pinterest

One of the most popular looks is a high, bouncy top bun. This is simply made by tying a bun, but not running the hair through the tie all too much on the second way through.

Messy Braid

messy braid bun
Image: Pinterest

This look involves pulling wavy/curly hair back into a large, messy bun. The more waves leading back to the tied bit the better. But to give it some added style, create a simple Dutch braid leading back into the bun.

Messy Long Bun

messy long bun
Image: Pinterest

This looks involves pulling back those textured waves into an elongated bun by leaving the bun loose and pinning it to the side. You should end up with a long, vertical bun.

Simple Loose Bun

simple loose messy bun
Image: Pinterest

Can’t forget the popular loose bun pulled back to the bottom of the neck. The more mess and volume the bun has, the better.

Loose Ponytail

loose ponytail
Image: Pinterest

Another idea is to pull a loose ponytail back. Make sure there is plenty of volume in the hair leading back to the ponytail. Hair by the pony should be sticking up more than the rest of the hair, and hair around the face should be loose completely.

The Sloppy Tie Up

the sloppy tie up
Image: Pinterest

When in doubt, pull hair straight back into a ponytail or bun. Leave the hair as messy as humanly possible. It’s a close cousin to the loose ponytail, but even messier with lumps of hair sticking out leading to the hair tie and tons of loose hair at the front.

Low Side Bun

low side bun
Image: Pinterest

A great romantic style is always the messy, low side bun. Just tie hair right below the ear for this easy, fast look on a hectic morning.

High Ponytail With Braid

high ponytail with braid
Image: Pinterest

A high, teased, and voluminous ponytail is the perfect messy updo. This look makes use of a three-strand braid leading back into the ponytail itself. The braid sort of does a half halo around the head.

The Tie-Back Braid

the tie back braid
Image: Pinterest

An incredibly popular look on Pinterest is a braid that’s been wrapped around the head and pinned in place, like a sweatband that doesn’t cover the forehead. Hair is loosely pinned under the braid for the most casual of looks.