pastel hair with bright roots
Image: Pexels

If you’ve been eyeing a fashion color, one of the tops trends is colored roots. It’s where you have just the roots of the hair a bright fashion color. But a twist on that style is to have pastel hair with bright roots. An example might be bright purple roots with faded lavender lengths.

You might want to head off to the salon to get pastel hair with bright roots, as it can be hard to dye just your roots evenly on your own. But if you have a second pair of hands or you’re a home hair dye expert, this look may be well within reach at home.

Pastel hair with bright roots

Like most fashion colors, you’ll need to start with pre-lightened hair using a home hair bleaching kit, if your hair is not already the lightest shade of blonde. This is a must for making pastel hair with bright roots.

From there, you’ll want to find a pastel dye, which is obviously necessary for pastel hair with bright roots. An example is Manic Panic’s Pastel-izer that you add to regular shades to get a new pastel shade. For a permanent option, if you’re really devoted to the idea of this look, there’s L’Oreal Feria pastel shades. These are what you’ll use on the length of the hair. It’s best to apply these first, and then your bright roots over the pastel shades for ease.

From there you can use any fashion dye for the roots. You’ll want a bright version of the pastel dye you already put on your lengths, like a bright blue to go with the pastel blue. Try to match the types of dyes for staying power, such as a semi-permanent pastel dye with another semi-permanent dye on the roots so the color doesn’t fade too unevenly.

Pastel shades tend to fade quickly, so for basic upkeep, make sure to wash hair as little as you can stand it. Keep hair away from chlorine, sunshine and heat styling tools to preserve the color, as well.

Examples of pastel hair with bright roots

If you’re curious about pastel hair with bright roots, below are several ideas for styling based on how people are wearing pastel hair with bright roots on Pinterest.

Wild orchid hair: One of the most popular looks is to go with a dark rose shade at the roots. This then melts into pastel lavender shades farther down. From there, the hair actually ends in platinum blonde tips.

Frosty purple hair: This look starts with deep purple roots, and then leads into platinum blonde strands. In the strands, there are wisps of faded pink tones.

Magenta roots with faded lengths: This stunning look starts with magenta roots. That leads into pastel pink lengths in the middle. Then the hair ends in faded lilac tips.