woman in pool summer

This pool day makeup look will make you look sweet and natural, not like a raccoon with drippy mascara eyes post pool-dive. Pool day makeup can be hard, but with this look you’ll look pretty and feel confident. Plus, you won’t look like you just fell off a cliff if you dunk your entire face in the water.

Liquid Foundation + Powder Foundation

If you’re one of the lucky ones with near perfect skin, maybe you don’t need to wear foundation to the pool. But for those of us with unwanted blemishes, this combo is going to be your new best friend.

To prep, wash your face and moisturize. I would highly recommend the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion.

If you’re going to the pool, you might want to look for a foundation that has a little SPF. My favorite foundation (although it doesn’t come with SPF) is the Maybelline Dream Velvet foundation. I love it because it looks very natural, plus it quite literally feels like velvet on your face. Paint on a thin, even coat with a flat foundation brush, and make sure to blend down your neck too.

Dust your face with loose powder foundation to seal the deal. I like Clinique’s Blended Face Powder, it seriously covers up anything and everything. I like to use a fluffy brush because it allows me to blend my foundation into a more natural look, plus it’s like rubbing a cloud against your face (if you’re not a morning person like me this could change your life). E.l.f. has this fluffy brush for only $3 online, what a steal.


I like Physician’s Formula Mineral Glow Pearls Palette, partly because it looks like there are pearls on top of it, but also because it pairs the perfect glow with a bronze gold touch. It’s not too dark either, so you can blend it really nicely.

Focus on making your cheeks deep, getting right under your cheek bone. Then tickle your nose and blend the rest on your forehead. Rub some on your neck too, making sure your face matches your neck is mandatory (so is a bronzed goddess look at the pool, obviously).


The idea here is to supplement what your natural brows look like and work with what you already have. Thick, thin, blonde, or dark – work with it and not against it.

Thick eyebrows are beautiful, so remember that when you’re tweezing away. Eyebrow upkeep options include getting waxed or threaded, but sometimes when I get mine done they turn out way too thin. Instead, I use an eyebrow trimmer to fix the shape myself.

Two big don’ts:

  1.  Don’t go too dark, especially if you’re blonde.
  2. Don’t overdo it outlining the shape. Eyebrows that appear like forehead commas are not cute.

You don’t need a full on eyebrow pen to get this right, although it helps. I often just use a light brown eyeshadow. However, I really like Maybelline Eyestudio Brow Define and Fill Duo, partially because it’s cheap. Also because it has a contouring tip, so if you mess up you can smudge and blend. If you’re blonde, make sure to grab the lighter one. It looks more natural and it’s easier to avoid having forehead commas (again, not cute).


The goal is to pick a light shade that makes you feel good on the way into the pool and in your pictures, but isn’t noticeable if (or when) it washes off. Eyeshadow totally isn’t needed at the pool, but if you’re wanting to wear it, here’s how to make sure it won’t melt away.

One thing that is totally necessary: primer. You’re going to be sweating, and if you don’t use a primer, you might as well just not apply eyeshadow because trust me, it’s going to melt off. As far as color goes, my summer favorites are a light sparkly gray eyeshadow, a gold, or a nude-pink color.

Here’s a quick guide for choosing your color:

  • Blue eyes: Your baby blues will pop with toasty bronze gold tones, smoky browns, pinks, and light gray/silver tones.
  • Brown eyes: Your eyes will shimmer with earthy tones of brown topped with sparkly golds, pinks, and nude tones.
  • Hazel eyes: Since your eyes are a delicate mix between brown and green, you’ll bring this out with a mix of mossy green tones, chocolate brown, and nude to blend. You could also mix lavender tones with sparkly gold.
  • Green eyes: Green eyes stand out with red-based or purple-based colors. So try rustic orange, light pink, navy blue, or lavender mixed with nude tones.

Pick something light and sparkly for your daytime pool look; don’t go too dark. Remember, darker tones live in the corner of your eyes and below the crease of your eyelids. Lighter colors can be dusted up to your eyebrows.

Curl Your Eyelashes With Heat

I know, this sounds way scary but we’ll get through it together. If you’re not blessed with curly lashes and those babies stick straight out, this is a good way to fake it. Plus, it takes 10 seconds more (tops) to make your eyelashes super noticeable at the pool, sans-mascara.

Take your eyelash curler (make sure the rubber part is on all the way) and run it under hot water, or blow dry it. I sometimes prefer running it under hot water because it makes the rubber softer on your eyes. If you’re running out the door, just put it under a blowdryer for a hot sec, touch it with your fingers to make sure it’s not too hot, then curl away. It’ll give your lashes an effortless curl that using an average, room-temperature eyelash curler wouldn’t. Plus, you might not even need to wear mascara.

Lip Stain

I’m obsessed with lip stain. Especially during the summer, there is nothing better than running out the door with lip color you know won’t falter even if you eat, drink, and jump in the pool. You can rest assured knowing your lipstick won’t come off on everything everywhere you go.

My favorite summer colors are a natural soft pink, a dark raspberry or a dark nude color. Learn how to wear shades that complement your skin tone here. Try e.l.f. essential lip stain in pink petal, crimson crush, berry blush, or nude nectar. All my favorite shades, all under $2. Score!

If you don’t want to wear a lip stain, toss some pink gloss like this one from Sephora or Aquaphor in your bag before you go poolside. Aquaphor looks shiny just like lipgloss, plus with SPF 30 it keeps your smackers from getting burnt and dry in the sun.

Mascara (Optional)

Extremely optional, especially for your pool day look. If you’re dead set on wearing mascara to the pool, wear waterproof so that you don’t end up looking like you’re crying black tears (also not cute).

Try the Too Faced Waterproof Mascara, it’s bomb.

If you’re one of my straight-lashed pals, focus on painting the tips of your lashes so that your curled eyelashes don’t get coated and uncurl.

Finishing Touches

Accessories are key at the pool. Go for fun coverups, dainty necklaces that you can wear in the water, sunglasses, sassy hairstyles like buns or braids, boho headbands, floppy hats, flash tattoos, or whatever suits your style.

Pack a towel, sunscreen, maybe some tanning oil (Maui Babe is the bomb), and your confidence. Remember that you always look the best when you’re happy and having fun, not standing in the corner adjusting your swimsuit or worrying if your makeup is coming off.