The woman with mistrust looks aside
Image: Shutterstock/Golubovy

Whether you’re going back to school or working a grueling 9 to 5 gig, there are aspects of life that will completely stress any person out. While we wish we could prevent that stress, life throws curveballs we cannot expect whatsoever.  Unfortunately, not only will your mood change, but there will be other signs of the increase of stress in your life. Although it’s difficult to prevent these side effects, it’s easy to catch and in turn find.

  1. Low energy – your body wants to shut down and regroup after going into overdrive while focusing on whatever may be stressing you out.
  2. Headaches – An extreme amount of tension can build up in your head, which can slow you down immensely in the midst of a stressful project or period of your life.
  3. Colds or Infections – Your immune system slowly begins to weaken when you’re stressed, which makes you prone to a common cold or infection.
  4. Dry mouth and difficulty swallowing – As a direct result of the dryness in your mouth, you will have some bad breath for a bit.
  5. Complete change in appetite – you might lose the desire to eat, resulting in rarely eating or not eating at all.
  6. Thinning of hair – You might notice that a bit more hair might fall out a bit in the shower or on your pillowcase.
  7. Breakouts – Perhaps one of the most common symptoms of stress happens to be your skin breaking out.

If you were to see any of these signs during an overwhelming period of time, chances are you’re quite stressed. As a result, maybe take some “you” time to meditate, participate in some exercise, light a candle, or take a nap. A simple escape from the world and focusing on yourself, even if it’s for five minutes, will completely rejuvenate your soul, as well as your body.