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Valentine’s Day is almost here and with the excitement that surrounds this exciting day, we want to help you stand out with the perfectly put together outfit. Valentine’s Day is known for its whimsical décor and bold fashion statements—all typically in pink hues. This year, try adding a pop of pink into your wardrobe to perfectly balance a playful and fun, yet sophisticated look. Whether pink is a color you are used to wearing or a color you tend to avoid, use this day as an opportunity to try adding pops of vibrant colors to your Valentine’s Day style. Read below for our ideas of how to add a pop of pink into your Valentine’s Day style.

Pink diamond earrings

Okay—so real diamonds might not be in your budget, but there are still plenty of options to add sophisticated pink diamond earrings to your look. From alternate stones to replica diamonds, there are tons of choices to suit your budget. By adding a simple pair of earrings with pink stones, you instantly add vibrant glamour to your look without overkill. On the bright side, you can definitely wear these all year long.

Pink coat

If you are typically a fan of neutral colors or all-black ensembles, this is a perfect opportunity for you to use your outer layer as your pop of color. Simply pick a coat in your favorite pink hue and wear it over your favorite go-to outfit. You will maintain the sophistication of your normal daily wardrobe, but also add on a fun layer of brightness to match the flirty mood of Valentine’s Day.

Pink stilettos

Since shoes are statement pieces already, they are the perfect way to add a pop of color to your Valentine’s Day outfit. This allows you to pick an extra vibrant pink hue or a soft and subtle pink. Pink stilettos will surely draw attention to your outfit and make you stand out from a crowd. Classy, flirty, and eye-grabbing!

Bright clutch

Adding a clutch to your outfit is a great way to add a bright pop of color to your look. With so many designs available, use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to treat yourself to a pink, whimsical, and unique clutch that you’ll use beyond the special day. Pick a style that matches your personality and you can wear it on future date nights, special events, and girls’ night outings.

Pink scarf

Maybe your plans this Valentine’s Day are to simply go about your day—run errands, see friends, and stay mellow. Even so, you can still incorporate a pop of pink into your Valentine’s Day style. Try adding a pink scarf to your casual attire for a fun and whimsical pop of color. February can be chilly in most places, so this is the perfect blend of functional, fashionable, and fun for Valentine’s Day.