pinup hairstyles
Image: vgstudio / Shutterstock

When you think of 1940s pinup calendars, you may see a very classic pinup hairstyles. It’s curly, usually down to the shoulders, has a good amount of volume and the hair is usually twisted and pined back at the top. There’s sometimes a flower placed in the hair, as well.

There are tons of reasons to go for this classic pinup hairstyles look. You might have a retro party to attend, or maybe you enjoy having a classic style for yourself from day to day. Either way, classic pinup hairstyles are a very distinctive look that’s fairly easy to achieve.

This works best on damp hair. You’ll mist the top of your hair very lightly with some water.

Part your hair down the center and brush it to the side. Then part three inches of hair to the front. Curl a portion of that front hair with a curling iron so that it’s leading away from the face. Now that you have that curled shape, pin it in place so it forms a sort of horizontal loop, again away from the face. You’ll need to do this several times to get all the hair in the front curled so it’s forming a looped row above your forehead. This will also help get that big, bouncy volume.

Now is where you’ll handle the curls in your lengths. Curl your hair with that curling iron so you have bouncy loops. You can also use curlers on the lengths around the ear and below ahead of time to save time while styling.

You’ll look totally ridiculous at this point, but don’t fear. Brush out the curls in the lengths. You want a wavy texture.

Now you release the curls you have above your forehead, one side at a time. Tease the roots on that front half-section of the hair. Wrap that part of the hair around your first two fingers to form a loop leading away from your face. Turn the loop so it’s laying flat on the head and pin that in place. You can also keep the loop standing up. They called those victory rolls. Do the same on the other side, or pin the hair straight back after teasing the roots and add a flower to the second side.

If you’re going for a classic 1940s pinup hairstyles look, a luminous dewy glow fits right in with the style. You want to use a cream highlighter on your cheekbones, along with a basic contour by using a bronzer on the hollows of your cheeks. A rosy, heavy blush is also a hallmark of the era, so make sure to apply that to the apples of your cheeks, blending outward slightly. A nude, neutral eye shadow with a cat eye can make a great accent.