If you’re looking to revamp your skincare routine, your skin will thank you for buying into the K-beauty trend. The K-beauty trend is more than just a fad. From sheet masks for your hair to BB creams, you can find many skincare and beauty products at your local drugstore.

You can find many online beauty routines that integrate two of the most popular K-beauty trends, honey skin and cloudless skin. Most Korean beauty products focus on maintaining hydrated and healthy skin using light ingredients (all wrapped up in a cute package!), which is right up our alley.

If you’re a beauty novice or want to spend more time on your beauty routine, take a closer look at the most popular K-beauty trends and how you can get flawless skin.

Honey Skin

Getting honey skin isn’t as simple as drenching yourself in the sweet product. Honey skin is actually a phrase for skin is smooth, healthy, rejuvenated, and well-nourished. It’s like nature’s highlighter. Think of our favorite beauty and style guru Gabrielle Union, whose skin is super smooth and makes her look 10 years younger than she is!

What makes honey skin so popular in South Korea is the dedication it takes to maintain it. It’s all about keeping your skin hydrated and ‘well-fed’ with vital nutrients. The more seriously you take your skin care regimen, the healthier and more supple your skin will look. If you want to keep that summer glow, you need to up your water intake!

Cloudless Skin

Cloudless skin refers to skin that is flawless, almost looks photoshopped. It’s the perfect Snapchat filter without the gimmicks. The biggest difference between cloudless skin and honey skin is that it is more of a lifestyle than an actual beauty trend.

Maintaining cloudless skin isn’t just about drinking lots of water or using the right products; your mental health also comes into play. It’s no secret that stress and the daily toxins we encounter have a huge impact on our skin. A study by US National Library of Medicine shows that there is a direct link between stress and underlying skin issues such as inflammation and aging skin.

It’s time to take your everyday diet (and mental health!) as seriously as your skincare routine. Make sure you eat a lot of greens and avoid overly processed foods. Oh, and don’t forget to spend 10 minutes every night doing something that you love. That’s the best remedy for stress.

Glass Skin

Another popular K-beauty trend is glass skin, which is almost translucent, smooth, and reflective skin. It’s hard to picture but think of skin that is clear and practically poreless. This look is making huge waves on Instagram and in the beauty community because it makes your face look perfect in any selfie.

One common misconception about the glass skin beauty routine is that you can drastically shrink your pores to achieve this look. This is untrue. What actually happens is that it makes your pores appear smaller or draws less attention to them.

To get glass skin, you can use products that target discoloration, hyperpigmentation, liver spots, and other skin issues. Be aggressive about your skin-care regimen; you’re out in the sun all day, which makes it harder to keep your skin damage-free.