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We all have those people in our lives, the ones that are always showing up to class, work, Walmart, with perfectly coiled curls and rippling locks that absolutely don’t resemble a horse’s mane. Birthdays and the holiday season can be pretty intimidating for the non-beauty expert friend trying to figure out the difference between a blow out and a blow dry (there isn’t one and anyone who says so is lying). So don’t panic this Christmas. Just follow this practical holiday gift guide and just wait for the hugs and kisses you’ll surely receive from the hair junkie in your life.

R+Co Badlands Dry Shampoo Paste

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Image: Amazon

You might think we’re crazy, but the dry shampoo craze is pretty strong right now—and well founded. After all, our lives aren’t getting any easier or our careers less time consuming. Dry shampoo may not seem like a typical holiday gift idea, but with a product like R+Co Badlands Dry Shampoo Paste, you’re actually introducing your hair junkie to a new realm of convenience. We know the promise of life simplified is what every girl really wants for Christmas, and the new paste texture of this already time-saving product allows for a more seamless, controlled application of dry shampoo, perfect for every girl on the go. Bonus points, it won’t leave any residue that makes your hair look like a black shirt that’s been tumble dried.

Tip: Be sure to run some through your ends to give your hair a piece texture.

Masqueology Damage Care Hair Mask

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Image: Allure

You know those people responsible for creating awesome face masks? Well, now they’ve put their ‘heads’ together to give us some super simple and cheap masks that will be available for purchase online and at Walmart this week. Masqueology provides three new treatments sure to save your hair from the bitter cold: a volumizing hair mask that includes ingredients like keratin, potato, macadamia, and camellia; a damage-care hair mask filled with certain holiday-inspired ingredients like honey, blackberry, and cocoa; and a moisturizing hair mask to help hydrate your hair and scalp, preventing breakage and dandruff. These Masqueology hair masks make the perfect holiday gift ideas for that one hair chameleon friend who’s always staying up to date with the latest trends and suffering for it.

Amika Polished Perfection Straightening Brush

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Image: Pop Sugar

We won’t lie, this tool is over $100, which we’re guessing may be a little over budget for one item. But what’s money if it means giving someone the one thing that will truly make their life easier, the one thing all women with curly and wavy hair who’ve ever tried the straight thing before have thought: Why can’t they make a tool that straightens my hair while I brush it??? Knowing that your morning routine can be cut down in half with one object is worth more than any other holiday gift idea on this list.

But, if you’re not that great of friends with this particular hair junkie, you can still check out this 2-in 1 Ionic Hair Straightener Brush for $45.99 or this Professional Electric Straightener Brush By Magnifeko for $54.95, almost half of the $100 it normally is, both available at a discount on Amazon.

Customizable Shampoo and Conditioner Sets by Function of Beauty

Image: Function of Beauty
Image: Function of Beauty

This is another unconventional holiday gift idea, but it will surely be a unique one. Function of Beauty is a company that allows you to hand-craft your own shampoo and conditioner, based on your needs. Before you purchase a product, you take a hair quiz to determine the right formula for your hair type and any specific issues you may have, like dandruff, and also based on what you want as far as hair goals and even what you want your hair to smell like. Plus, the bottles are just pretty and you can inscribe something personal on them. Best thing to do is give them a gift card and let them have at it.

Fekkai PRX Instant Repair Leave in Conditioner Spray

Image: Instyle
Image: InStyle

Fekkai’s PRX Instant Repair Spray is multi-purpose; not only is it a restorative treatment and a heat protectant, but it smells like vanilla and cream. There are tons of hair perfumes out there, but this holiday gift will benefit your hair beyond just the temporary date-night necessity. But watch out. Once your hair junkie friend sprays this on their damp locks before blow drying, straightening, or curling, they’ll probably fall in love with you.