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Pull Off Dark Lipstick With These 7 Tips

‘90s dark lips are making a huge comeback. With what a classy, bold statement dark lipstick makes, how can they not? From the richest burgundy to straight out black lipstick, there are several nuances in this style. But rather than just slathering on the dark lipstick, below are several ways to help you pull off dark lipstick from head to toe.

Know Your Most Flattering Shade

If you’re opting for a darker burgundy lipstick, you’ll want to keep in mind the undertones to each shade. There are four: pink, brown, blue and red. Here’s an easy guide on when to wear each.

  • People with light eyes will want to wear pink burgundy undertones.
  • Wear a brown burgundy undertone if you have dark eyes.
  • Burgundy with a blue undertone can be worn by anyone.
  • Deep red burgundy looks best with dark hair and is especially stunning on darker skin tones.

To find the undertone of a shade, swipe it on a white surface like a tissue. That will reveal the undertone.

Basic Lip Care

Dark lipstick won’t look good on cracked, dry lips. Remember to choose a good lip exfoliator and keep those babies hydrated with your favorite lip balm. If your lips are in good order, they’ll be ready to rock a heavy dose of velvety dark lipstick.

Leave The Liner

Don’t line dark lips with a darker liner, or you run the risk of looking garish. Outline the lips with translucent powder or go bare. A strong, dark lipstick will do all the work on its own.

If you prefer a liner, keep to one that matches the shade of the lipstick. After all, it might help to have that extra guide when applying the lipstick. But the liner shouldn’t be noticeable after application.

Know How To Apply Dark Lipstick

When applying dark lipstick, opt for a brush. That will give you more precision than slathering lipstick on out of the tube. Since dark lipstick is so, well, dark, getting it wrong when applying might make you look like a clown. (To be blunt about it.) Though if you make any mistakes, you can always cover it up with concealer.

So that your lips stay nice and dark, blot your first application with a tissue, and then apply your lipstick again. This will allow it to last longer.

Keep Your Teeth In Mind

Don’t be that person with the red-toothed photo. With dark lipstick, you’ll need to take extra care that the lipstick stays where it needs to. Apply carefully, and consider using that old Vaseline-on-the-teeth trick to keep lipstick off of your teeth.

Make Your Lips The Focal Point

So that nothing is competing with your lips’ striking color, keep your other makeup on the natural, light side. Go easy on eye makeup, especially. Pull your hair back, if you can, so that all focus really is on your lips—this is the key to pull off dark lipstick like a pro.

Dress For Your Shade

Dark lipstick will of course clash with bright clothes. When wearing dark lipstick, opt for darker clothing shades like deep green, navy, black and dark reds. Because of this, darker lipstick shades are great for evening and formal events.